If Toddlers Could Calmly Articulate Their Feelings


Nothing captures the expression "terrible twos" quite like a temper tantrum. Wouldn't it be nice if instead of screaming and crying and flailing around, these tiny humans could just calmly articulate their feelings with words?

The funny moms of The BreakWomb comedy channel explore this concept in their new series, "If Toddlers Could Put Their Feelings Into Words." Their first video covers a common source of parent-toddler drama: pacifiers.

In the video, the moms pretend to be toddlers and show what they would say if they could calmly express their feelings about having to give up their pacifiers

Standout responses include, "I taught myself how to walk. Can I do this please?"; "What if I asked you to give up cursing?" and "Don't we have bigger battles ahead of us?"

And as one grown-up toddler perfectly explains, "This is the way that I self-soothe. You know how you come home after a rough day, and you pour yourself a glass of wine? This is my glass of wine."

Can't argue with that.

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