Indiana University Football Team Can't Spell 'Indiana' And Fans Are Shook

The gaffe capped an embarrassing opening game for the Hoosiers.

Indiana University was rusty in its football opener on Saturday ― on the field and in the spelling department.

Before the Hoosiers lost to Iowa, 34-6, observers noticed that the jersey of freshman running back David Holloman read “Indinia.”

There was no way fans on Twitter were going to let that go, and one tweeter even joked, “It’s INDINIA JONES & the Legend of the Misspelled Jersey.”

Deadline noted that the college boasts many Nobel laureates and Rhodes scholars.

But it fumbled the basics on Saturday.

Hey, the season is new and the team can refine its spelling execution in the next game. But perhaps it should avoid joking about “execution,” as the coach of fellow Indiana school Notre Dame discovered over the weekend.

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