Ivanka Trump Is Turned Into M3GAN As Jimmy Fallon Mocks Her Dad's Upcoming Rally

Donald Trump could boost crowd numbers in South Carolina with a new take on the horror film doll, cracked the "Tonight Show" host.

Jimmy Fallon on Friday mockingly suggested how Donald Trump may try to boost audience numbers at his first 2024 campaign rally in South Carolina this weekend, amid predictions of a poor turnout.

The former president could offer a “free classified document” to the first 10,000 people who show up or even move the event to the parking lot of the Chiefs-Bengals NFL playoff, cracked the “Tonight Show” host.

Fallon also imagined Trump enticing people with a trailer premiere for “IV4NKA,” a spoof version of horror film “M3GAN” starring his daughter Ivanka Trump as the titular doll.

Watch Fallon’s monologue here:

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