Everyone's Favorite Convenient Portable Power Station Is 35% Off Right Now

Perfect for camping, power outages and emergencies, the Jackery is currently over $120 off at Amazon.
The Jackery Explorer 300 portable power station can charge up to six devices at one time.
The Jackery Explorer 300 portable power station can charge up to six devices at one time.

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The Jackery Explorer 300 is one device that many avid campers, survivalists and emergency preppers all swear by for running vital appliances and juicing up all their essential devices when regular power sources are not available.

Currently on sale at Amazon for an impressive 35% off, this gas-free portable power station, which has even been on the must-have lists of our own HuffPost editors, uses a 293Wh lithium ion battery pack to offer a safe and steady supply of energy to everything from laptops to fans.

HuffPost Shopping writer Griffin Wynne called their own Jackery “my greatest asset” and uses it to power up their griddle on camping trips or keep the fan going during rolling summer blackouts.

Featuring two AC outlets, a USB-C and two USB-A ports, this Jackery model can charge up to six devices at once and takes only two hours to recharge 80% of its battery power, which can be done using a regular AC adapter, your car outlet or even with solar panels (sold separately).

Thanks to its perfectly compact and handled design, this device can be easily stored in your car, packed along with camping gear or kept safe in the event of a power outage.

Even if you’re not an outdoors person or emergency preparedness enthusiast, you might find it useful to invest in this potentially lifesaving tool while it’s discounted. But, if you need more convincing, see why others are happy they made the Jackery purchase.

Promising Amazon reviews:

″...The Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 300 has been an excellent addition to our camping gear. It’s a versatile, powerful, and convenient solution for powering up all our essential gadgets. Whether it’s keeping our phones charged or adding the comfort of a fan in our tent, this device has been up to the task. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast looking for a reliable power solution that will never let you down, I highly recommend giving the Jackery Explorer 300 a try. It has transformed our camping experience and could very well do the same for you!” — Chad Gilbert (This review has been edited for length. Read the full review.)

“Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 300W is perfect for small electronics and small appliances. We used this for 3 days following a hurricane power grid failure. The Explorer 300 charged all our devices, powered lamps, and it was able to run a fairly large fan to keep us comfortable at night without AC. You’d need at least an Explorer 1000 or 2000 to power even a small AC unit. NOTE: this little 300 model will NOT run a medium size hot plate, coffee maker, or even tea kettle, but it’s a perfect size for camping if you do not intend to cook. The 300 impressed me so much I decided to buy their largest model (Jackery Explorer 3000) for our basic home energy needs, including running a fridge, coffee maker, lamps and medium size AC (15 amp) for our bedroom at night. I will review the Jackery 3000 soon, but the small Explorer 300 was money well spent for small energy needs.” — Dominic D’Agostino

“When I first unpacked the E300 I was worried something this lightweight wouldn’t perform. I was pleasantly surprised. My primary use of the E300 is to inflate paddle boards onsite. The pump runs like it’s plugged into a running car, and it only takes 4-5% of the charge to inflate one SUP. I can’t wait to see how this thing performs on a camping trip.” — Wamje

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