Jake Gyllenhaal Shows Weirdest Way To Detect If Someone's High On 'Jimmy Kimmel'

"The Covenant" star and the talk show host interviewed people on the street to guess if they were baked or not.

Jake Gyllenhaal told host Jimmy Kimmel Thursday he’s not good at detecting if someone’s stoned ― but the actor then proved himself wrong in a game of “Who’s High?” (Watch the video below.)

To honor 4/20, the two interviewed people on the street to guess which one in a trio of pedestrians was baked. Gyllenhaal came up with a novel way of finding out: He asked them to show their “best dance moves.”

So a journalist, an undertaker and a music worker obliged.

When it came time to decide which volunteer was indeed high, Gyllenhaal got it right. Kimmel did not.

Maybe if that acting thing doesn’t work out for Gyllenhaal, who’s currently starring in “Guy Ritchie’s the Covenant,” he can always get a job as a who’s-high detective. Fast-forward to 4:45 to discover the actor’s stoner-divining skills:

Alex, a reporter from Glasgow, turned out to be the blazed one and happily admitted that he had shared a spliff in an alleyway with a woman who appeared on the game earlier.

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