Jewel's 6 Favorite Beauty Products And Fashion Items She Can't Do Without

A liquid lipstick from the drugstore, a day cream that she swears by and more.
Dana Trippe

You probably know Jewel as a singer-songwriter (she is an award-winning, multiplatinum recording artist after all), but she’s also a mom, a mental health advocate and even owns a jewelry line. Her new album, ”Freewheelin’ Woman,” comes out on April 15, her first studio album in seven years, and she’s going on tour. In “Freewheelin’ Woman,” Jewel showcases her technical talent and vocal range like never before in soulful, groove-heavy tracks.

We got a chance to chat with Jewel about some of her favorite beauty and style products, which range from an affordable drugstore lipstick that she keeps several backups of in case it’s ever discontinued (relatable) to a one-of-a-kind dyed cowboy hat from a Diné (Navajo)-owned brand. We’ll let Jewel take it from here.

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EltaMD UV Clear Tinted Broad-Spectrum Sunscreen
I’ll use this tinted sunscreen instead of foundation a lot of times, particularly on days where I’m not really doing much. It has a little pump, which is convenient to use.
Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation
I think having a breathable foundation is really important. This one is pretty sheer but it has a nice amount of coverage and still lets your skin breathe, which is nice. A lot of times when I am in makeup, I’m in it all day, and so having a breathable foundation is really great. I typically get a pretty dark shade and a pretty pale shade and blend them accordingly depending on how much sun I’ve gotten.
Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick in Individualist
I love this lipstick. I bought five of them recently, God forbid they discontinue it. It’s a great color, a bright sort of poppy red, and it really, really stays. It’s incredible.
Epionce Renewal Facial Cream
This brand is really well researched and has beautiful results. I love almost everything in their line, but this is the product I use every day. I live at about 10,000 feet altitude and it’s very dry up here, but this face cream provides a lot of moisture and I’m really impressed with it. I use it as a day cream.
Smartwater Alkaline
When I was really quite young, I was having panic attacks and trying to understand food as medicine before the internet, which was pretty hard [laughs]. I started looking at my pH balance in the early '90s and I’ve always thought that an alkaline water would be a great idea. In my own research, I’ve learned that pH affects things like immune responses and that our stress levels and other environmental factors are causing us to become more acidic. Before, I was finding ways to alkalize my water on my own, and now that it’s so readily available it’s been really nice.
4Kinship Custom Dye Vintage Cowboy Hat in Fiery Sunset
I hate doing my hair. I’ve gotten very good at my makeup but I’m not good at doing my hair so I tend to go with hats for my hairdos. I love these hats. They’re individually hand-dyed by the founder Amy Denet Deal — she’s actually here at my house right now and we’re snow-dyeing a bunch of them. I have 15 of her hats, she’s awesome.

I like to support Indigenous artists and I try to upcycle vintage clothing to be more sustainable, so almost all my fashion is vintage and upcycled. At 4Kinship, that’s what Amy specializes in. She comes from the fashion world where so much is disposable and is spending this part of her career reimagining military pieces like parachutes that she dyes and turns into skirts and hats like this one. Her pieces are upcycled and made relevant and new again; it’s really cool.

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