Jimmy Fallon Cringes At 2 ‘Sad’ Photos From Mike Pence’s Campaign Stops


Jimmy Fallon says it’s a bad sign for your presidential campaign “when all of your followers can be fed by two pizzas.”

The “Tonight Show” host mocked Mike Pence over his lackluster campaign performance after the former vice president reportedly addressed a crowd of just 13 people at an Iowa pizza joint recently.

Fallon showed a picture of the feeble turnout at the event in Red Oak, which appeared in a Politico article titled: “He Was Once a Favorite of the Right. Now, Mike Pence Can’t Get a Crowd of 15 to a Pizza Ranch.”

Fallon cracked, “While he was there, Pence ordered his favorite pizza slice: a plain pie without sauce or cheese.”

He also highlighted another photo from the article, in which Pence speaks to a small, bored-looking group of people at a pharmacy in Sidney, Iowa.

“This is real sad,” Fallon said. “Looks like he’s going after that all-important empty chair vote. He was so dull that they moved him to the sleep-aid aisle.”

According to RealClearPolitics, Pence is polling at just 3.5% on average in the 2024 presidential race.

Watch his roast on “The Tonight Show” below.

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