Jimmy Kimmel Spots The Most Baffling Part Of Trump's Anti-New York Rant

The late-night host also has a fact-check for the former president.

Jimmy Kimmel said Donald Trump is trying a new approach to his indictment in New York, now claiming he “enjoyed” it and calling it an “unbelievable experience” and “the best day in history.”

“Oh, good, he’s having fun being indicted,” Kimmel said. “That’s good, because it’s gonna happen a bunch more times.”

The ex-president, in that same rant, railed against Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg as well as New York City in general.

“You have murderers walking all over the street, drug dealers, you have everybody walking all over the street,” he said.

That left Kimmel baffled.

“Everybody walking all over the street?” he repeated. “You can’t have that.”

Kimmel also dropped a fact-check on Trump.

“Last year, there were more homicides in Palm Beach County, where Donald Trump lives, than in all of Manhattan,” he pointed out.

See more in his Thursday night monologue:

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