John Oliver Officially Gets Out Of Hand In Amazing Takedown Of Chuck E. Cheese

The history of the chain is a lot weirder — and a lot darker — than you might think.

John Oliver warned his studio audience on Sunday night that what was supposed to be a short segment about Chuck E. Cheese took a turn ― and then it “officially got out of hand.”

It didn’t air on HBO, where the bulk of “Last Week Tonight” was devoted to homeowners associations and why they just might be the worst part of owning a home. Oliver said viewers under 35 would never own a home anyway and urged them to visit a special website ― Last Squeak Tonight ― for the segment about Chuck E. Cheese.

He said he initially figured it would run a few minutes.

Instead, he found “a rot at the heart of Chuck E. Cheese,” a franchise he said seemed to be inspired by a mix of “Disney, ‘Sesame Street’ and porn.”

The result is a masterpiece on the strange history of the much-maligned pizza, games and animatronics chain that runs nearly half an hour and ends with a very different mouse trying to “bring balance to the Chuck E. Cheese universe”:

If you own or might own a home someday, or just want to keep that dream alive, the segment on HOAs might leave you with some second thoughts:

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