Jon Stewart Slams GOP's 'Dystopian' Approach To Guns In Viral Video

"The right wants strict rules for everything" except guns, the comedian said in a clip that resurfaced after the Covenant School shooting.

Jon Stewart let loose on GOP lawmakers for their “dystopian” approach to gun control and other issues in a resurfaced clip that has gone viral in the wake of the Nashville shooting (see the video below).

“The right wants strict rules for everything from what teachers can teach to who can read to children to what color mermaids are,” Stewart said in the clip from his Apple TV+ show “The Problem With Jon Stewart.” “For God’s sake, they want a registry of who’s having their periods, for, I assume, the maintenance of a well-regulated menstruation. But when it comes to just fucking filling out paperwork to get a gun, too far.”

The clip comes from an early-March episode in which the host went after Oklahoma state Sen. Nathan Dahm (R) for his support of loosening gun control measures. It is once again making the rounds on social media after a shooting at Nashville’s Covenant School left six people ― including three children ― dead on Monday.

Stewart argued that loosening gun control has led to more law enforcement dying in the line of duty and an increase in police shooting civilians in “permitless carry” states.

Stewart later tied the GOP’s stance on guns to its overall agenda.

“Inconvenience is not the same as infringement,” he said. “Your fear of some dystopian, authoritarian future is making it impossible for the rest of us to make life better in our dystopian present.”

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