Jon Stewart's New Show Gets Cocky With NSFW Take On Billionaire Space Race

Jason Alexander stars as Jeff Bezos.

Jon Stewart’s new show for Apple TV+ is set to blast off in September, but the comic dropped a ripped-from-the-headlines clip to promote the series on Tuesday.

The video features “Seinfeld” star Jason Alexander playing Amazon.com billionaire Jeff Bezos.

“I’m going to ride a rocket into space,” Alexander’s Bezos declares. “And it’s going to look just like my dick.” 

But he’s not the only billionaire with out-of-this world wet dreams: 

The clip managed to make at least one eerily accurate prediction, as noted on Twitter by “The Problem With Jon Stewart” head writer Chelsea Devantez:

Alexander also shared the clip from his Twitter account: 

“The Problem With Jon Stewart” will focus on a single topic during each hour-long episode. There will also be a companion podcast. 

It’s not clear if the space race clip will be part of an episode or was just released to whet fans’ appetites.