NFL Star Jonathan Allen Says He'd Want To Have Dinner With Hitler, Calls Him 'Military Genius'

The Washington Commanders defensive tackle later realized his comment was "dumb."

At 6 feet 3 inches and 300 pounds, Washington defensive tackle Jonathan Allen can often say what he wants without pushback.

But expressing admiration for Adolf Hitler went too far.

Asked in a Twitter Q&A Wednesday to name three people he’d like to have dinner with, Allen said his grandfather, Hitler and Michael Jackson.

In the now-deleted exchange, the questioner asked Allen to explain his choice of the Nazi leader.

“He’s a military genius and I love military tactics but honestly I would want to pick his brain as to why he did what he did,” Allen answered. “I’m also assuming that the people I’ve chosen have to answer my questions honestly.”


Allen was hit with understandable clapback and said he was sorry.

“Early I tweeted something that probably hurt people and I apologize about what I said,” Allen wrote. “I didn’t express properly what I was trying to say and I realize it was dumb!”

Allen’s gaffe followed serious problems within the organization since the team officially announced its new name, the Commanders. Owner Dan Snyder was accused of sexual harassment and safety Deshazor Everett was charged with involuntary manslaughter after a December car crash in which his girlfriend died.

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