Kamala Harris Says She’s ‘Scared As Heck’ By The Idea Of Trump Being Reelected

The vice president explained why she wasn’t letting fear get the best of her during a recent appearance on “The View.”

Vice President Kamala Harris says she’s “scared as heck” about the possibility of Donald Trump being reelected as president and thinks Americans should feel the same.

Harris talked about what it will take to defeat the ex-president while campaigning for President Joe Biden on ABC’s “The View” on Wednesday.

During the interview, co-host Joy Behar asked the vice president if she was worried about the state of Biden’s reelection bid, citing reports of several prominent Democrats with their own concerns.

“President Obama reportedly has said that he thinks the Biden campaign is too complacent when it comes to Trump,” Behar said. “Rep. Jim Clyburn has said the campaign isn’t breaking through the MAGA wall. Michelle Obama says she’s terrified, as we are, about the potential outcome of the election.”

Then she asked Harris, “Now, are you scared? What could happen if Trump ever became, God forbid, president again? And what are you going to do to stop the crazies?”

Harris told Behar, “I am scared as heck. Which is why I’m traveling our country.”

“You know, there’s an old saying that there are only two ways to run for office: Either without an opponent or scared,” she continued. “So on all of those points, yes, we should all be scared.”

Harris went on to say, “As we know, and certainly this is a table of very powerful women. We don’t run away from something when we’re scared. We fight back against it.”

Polling shows Biden and Trump locked in a tight race for the 2024 presidential election.

Trump took a major step towards securing the Republican presidential nomination on Monday night when he won the Iowa caucus with 51.1% of the votes.

The former president will see if his winning streak continues next Tuesday when people go to the polls for the New Hampshire primaries.

A poll from Boston Globe/Suffolk University/NBC-10 Boston released on Wednesday showed Trump leading former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley by 16% in the Granite State.

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