Keke Palmer’s Soul Train Awards Performance Is A Lesson In Graceful Revenge

The actor looked good, made us laugh and sang truth to power at this year’s ceremony.
Keke Palmer speaks onstage at Soul Train Awards 2023 on Nov. 19, 2023, in Beverly Hills, California.
Keke Palmer speaks onstage at Soul Train Awards 2023 on Nov. 19, 2023, in Beverly Hills, California.
Paras Griffin via Getty Images

Keke Palmer probably wasn’t trying to get back at her ex when she hosted and performed at the 2023 BET Soul Train Awards on Sunday, but I can’t imagine him not feeling the sting after watching it.

Folks were curious if the singer-actor would address the social media chatter around her name when she was announced as host just days after filing a restraining order against Darius Jackson and receiving temporary full custody of their son Leodis.

In true Keke fashion, she looked good, brought plenty of laughs and had a tongue-in-cheek approach to addressing some of the drama.

Playing on the viral leaked phone call in which her mom cussed out Jackson, in one bit, Sharon Palmer playfully goes off on Keke, saying she needs to leave work and come get her kid.

Keke got on a more serious note, however, when she performed her song “Ungorgeous.” Though she didn’t specifically address what she went through in her previous relationship, the song was a heartfelt testament to the experiences of someone who’s unappreciated and belittled by their partner — and what it takes to remind themselves that they’re enough.

On this week’s episode of “I Know That’s Right,” I break down why Keke’s moment felt triumphant, talk about the potential lawsuit Netflix could face with “Squid Games: The Challenge,” and get into why we can’t let our problematic faves go with HuffPost’s own Ruth E. Samuel.

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