'Unprofessional': Kevin Garnett Recalls Pulling All-Nighter With Snoop Dogg Before Game

A coach purportedly told the NBA great he "got Snooped" after a lengthy night out in Toronto led to a poor showing on the court.

Former NBA great Kevin Garnett said he learned his lesson after once pulling an all-nighter with Snoop Dogg before a game tipped off hours later in Toronto.

In a video posted online Friday, Garnett recalled attending the rapper’s concert with his teammates when they traveled to the Canadian city to play — describing the episode as “one of the most unprofessional shits” he’s ever done.

“So we go to the show, the show bangin’, Snoop killed that shit,” said Garnett, writing in his social media post that they continued to hang out until 7 a.m.

In the video, the rapper noted that the sun was rising while Garnett was still with him.

The former baller said his team then played the Toronto Raptors at noon — and despite his rebounding skills that year, he had “no rebounds” by halftime.

“Saunders says: ‘Goddamn it, guys. The Toronto fans, they get to see you once. Goddamn it, [you] come here, play like shit. You motherfuckers hanging out with Snoop — you fucking got Snooped,’” Garnett recollected, apparently referring to coach Flip Saunders.

Garnett didn’t mention a date in the video, but a 2003 matchup between the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Raptors closely resembles details from the story. The Timberwolves played the Raptors at 12:30 p.m. on a Sunday that year and wound up losing 105-91.

The Raptors’ win marked the end of the team’s fifth-longest losing streak.

Garnett, who led the league in defensive rebounds and ranked behind Ben Wallace in overall boards in the 2002-2003 season, had one rebound by halftime against Toronto before adding two more in the losing effort.

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