Reviewers Say These Laptop Risers Helped With Posture And Back Pain

“Definitely recommend to those who want to help their posture when they sit long hours in front of a computer,” wrote a reviewer.
A classic laptop riser and standing desk laptop riser.

Working from home often means working from the couch, armchair, kitchen table or any other comfy spot that’s close enough to an outlet. But even if you’re working at an actual desk, you may find yourself slouching over your laptop for hours on end as you edit Excel sheets and overthink your email replies.

According to the Mayo Clinic, “using a laptop computer may lead to discomfort because of the low screen height and cramped keyboard and touchpad.” They recommend situating your computer so the top of your screen is at or just below your natural eye level.

If you’re tired of bending over your screen and stressing your neck, back and shoulders, you may be pleasantly surprised at the relief that a laptop riser could provide.

As the name states, a laptop riser is a little table or tray that holds your laptop at a height, meaning it can meet that eye-level recommendation and you don’t have to bend over so much as you scroll, type and click through the workday. They’re easy to store and don’t take up too much desk space, and they can help give your back a break while working.

To help you find the best laptop riser for you, we collected our favorite options, ranging in price, size and style. There are super-tall ones that you can use with a standing desk and more minimal options that blend in with any setting, but all are beloved by reviewers.

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A classic laptop riser that comes in a bunch of colors
A classic laptop stand in a bunch of fun colors, this ergonomic riser positions your computer at a comfortable angle to type and gives it a little height on your desk. There's a section for your charger to slide through and silicone tabs to keep your computer from sliding.

Promising review: "Bought this as a gift for a teacher friend who spends tons of time on her laptop in hopes it would reduce neck and back pain/strain. She LOVES it! Would recommend!" — RB
A collapsable laptop tray table you can use on the couch
Couch workers pay attention! This collapsable laptop tray can be used on a table or hard surface, but it also can be used while you lounge on a couch or armchair. It's adjustable in height, and the tray angle can move from 0 to 36 degrees.

Promising review: "I like that you can adjust the height and the angle that the desk sits at. It helped me to have less back pain since I didn’t have to look down at my lap or onto my coffee table for hours while I was studying or working. It is very well built and cute looking." — Anna
A minimalist clear acrylic riser that will blend into your home
Give your office a modern boost with this clear acrylic riser. It will instantly blend into any space, giving your laptop a little height without being too metal or tech-y-looking.

Promising review: "Exactly what I was looking for! Looks great and gives me a little more space on my work area. Love the elevation as I feel it helps improve my posture and neck position with an elevated monitor screen!" — Shaina
An extra-high adjustable laptop stand that you can use with a standing desk
At two feet high when fully extended, this adjustable laptop stand is perfect for folks that like a standing desk (though it works for a sitting desk, too). It comes in five fun colors to work with any space and has a solid base that keeps your computer steady.

Promising review: "If you work from home, you need this product. I would get back pain from slouching over until I bought this." — Jamie
A folding, ventilated adjustable stand for laptops or tablets
This folding laptop stand becomes as flat and compact as a tablet. The perforated metal section provides ventilation so that your computer cools down easier, and the adjustable riser lets you pick your perfect height. You can also use this as a tablet stand to watch a show or video.

Promising review: "This has helped so much with back pain! I’m able to adjust my screen now so I no longer have to hunch over my laptop. It’s small and light weight enough to carry in my work bag but it’s sturdy enough that I never feel like my computer will fall down." — MegMcFry
A metal desk organizer with extra storage
Like a little extra storage with any addition to your workspace? Check out this metal riser stand that has a pull-out drawer and shelf. You can use it for a desktop computer or a laptop to keep you organized and relaxed.

Promising review: "I absolutely love my stand! It matches the scheme of my desk and was so easy to assemble. It's very sturdy and my heavy tv/Monitor is well supported. It's a bit higher than expected but I've learned to adjust and that's probably better for my neck and posture overall anyway." — B. Williams
A super chic acrylic and gold laptop holder that you'll like on your desk
Who knew a laptop stand could be so elegant? This gold and acrylic riser will give your computer a boost without taking up too much space in your office. With its good looks, you'll love to have it on your desk and won't rush to put it away when it's not in use.

Promising review: "I've been using this every day since I bought it. I love the clear basic design, and it's sturdy. Also helps with wrist fatigue when typing at an angle instead of flat on the desk." — Fate Kelly
A swivel laptop stand with 360-degree rotation
If you sometimes need your coworkers to see your screen or if you just like to be more mobile with your computer, this laptop standing rotates completely, letting you spin your computer with ease.

Promising review: "I bought this for my home office. I’ve been working from home and my work-issued laptop has me crouched over a desk. I bought this to raise my laptop to eye level and my neck and back pain are no more! Definitely recommend to those who want to help their posture when they sit long hours in front of a computer. It’s very sturdy, required little assembly, and has just been a great purchase overall. I may buy another one." — sod

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