Laura Ingraham Warns Of Democrats' Pot-Smoking Agenda, But Twitter Users Don't Mind

The Fox News host cautioned viewers of the Democratic Party's plans for video games and marijuana during her show's episode on 4/20.

Laura Ingraham rolled up an argument that Democrats want Americans “at home smoking pot and playing video games” during an episode of her Fox News program that landed on the evening of a marijuana-friendly holiday.

The host warned Thursday that the Democratic Party is determined to keep young people “weak, poor, frightened and alone.”

“They don’t want you to get married, they don’t want you to go to work, they don’t want you to have kids. They want you at home smoking pot and playing video games and spending the rest of your life as a 12-year-old,” Ingraham said.

Ingraham has criticized marijuana use in the past, notably claiming there was a “pot psychosis–violent behavior connection” during coverage in the wake of the Uvalde, Texas, school shooting last year.

Twitter users weighed in on Ingraham’s take on 4/20 and joked about being “already a Democrat” who doesn’t need any more convincing.

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