This Wildly Popular Bottle Will Filter Drinking Water For You — And It's Up To 52% Off

These reusable water bottles are equipped with LifeStraw’s two-part filtration technology that removes bacteria and parasites as well as chemicals and microplastics.
LifeStraw water bottles

There are more popular water bottle brands available right now than one could possibly count. I am a Kleen Kanteen person myself, but my parents (along with all of TikTok) are devoted to their Stanley Cup tumblers. However, there’s another water bottle ― the LifeStraw water bottle ― that offers one feature than the aforementioned brands don’t. The bottle may look similar to your old-school Nalgene, but it actually comes with its very own, very unique water purification system that removes a host of unsavory elements from your drinking water. Best of all? It’s on sale for up to 52% off right now at Amazon.

LifeStraw uses advanced filtration technology to ensure that everything from bacteria and parasites to dirt and microplastics are cleared out before the water reaches your lips. It’s ideal for people traveling and camping, but just as convenient for everyday use at home, the gym or while out and about.

As if that weren’t good enough, LifeStraw is committed to giving back to communities in need. They are Climate Neutral Certified, limit their packaging materials and are active in a decades-long campaign to eradicate the Guinea worm parasite. For every 500 products the brand sells, they gift a LifeStraw community purifier to a school in need, ensuring that kids will get safe water for the next five years. There’s no better way to put your money where your mouth is (literally) than by supporting brands that are out on the ground doing good work, and LifeStraw is definitely one of them.

In my opinion, having a reusable water bottle on hand is an absolute must. Not only is it better for the environment and your own health, but it saves you money and time. Think of all the overpriced airport water bottles you’ve had to frantically go find and drop an insane amount of cash on before boarding a flight. Or the volume of cans and water bottles on your office desk at the end of the day. Having a reusable water bottle on your person and in your home at all times makes those problems disappear. (just make sure you’re cleaning your bottle well and often.)

Below, I’ve rounded up the best LifeStraw deals at Amazon right now. It’s never been easier to pick up one of these high-quality, game-changing water bottles at a fraction of the usual price.

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LifeStraw Go bottle, 22 ounces ,in gray (52% off)
To get the best bang for your buck, you're going to want to snag the 22-ounce Go bottle in gray. At a whopping 52% off, it's a surefire way to save the most. It has a simple, yet thoughtful, design with an attached carabiner that you can clip onto a bag or backpack so you never lose track of its whereabouts. The filter protects against all manner of things, from microplastics to chlorine, grime, sand, cloudiness, organic chemical matter and bacteria. It's strong and durable, and the microfilter also has an incredibly long shelf life, making it an excellent investment.
LifeStraw Go bottle, 1-liter (40% off)
The larger version of the LifeStraw water bottle holds up to a liter of water, making it great for long journeys or when you're spending the afternoon working at your desk and want to make sure you are drinking enough water throughout the day.
LifeStraw Go bottle, 22 ounces (40% off)
This durable and BPA-free water bottle holds just over a half liter of water. Like all LifeStraw filters, it can eliminate harmful bacteria like E.coli and salmonella and parasites like giardia, microplastics, chlorine, silt, sand and more, leaving only fresh-tasting water. It's available in seven different colors, most of which are 40% off.
LifeStraw Go water bottle 2-stage replacement filter (40% off)
If you've already got a LifeStraw bottle then you will definitely want to spring for a new filter. Right now, replacement filters are currently 40% off, making it the perfect time to stock up.

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