'Love Is Blind' Is Back And Seemingly Messier Than Ever

The fourth season is full of mismatched pairings, catty drama and at least one matchup we're hoping to root for.
Jackie in Episode 2 of "Love is Blind" Season 4.
Jackie in Episode 2 of "Love is Blind" Season 4.

“Love Is Blind” returned Friday for its fourth season, and we’re already off to a roaring start. The first five episodes provided us a ton to chew on, so Ruth Etiesit Samuel, Taryn Finley and Erin E. Evans decided to spill our unfiltered thoughts each week as we get to know the couples and see who ultimately says “I do” at the altar.

Dig in to this blog to see what we think of all the castmates, who we predict will actually get married and all the other drama that unfolds in this first batch of episodes. And, obviously, spoilers below!

Who Are We Rooting For?

Again, all my money is on Brett and Tiffany. They’re the only couple I’m rooting for at this point because everyone else is either dizzy or in a relationship in which their partner is only half invested. Brett and Tiffany each have a clear vision that aligns with each other’s. Black love is absolutely going to win this season. I’m sure a few others will end up married, too. I doubt Micah and Paul will make it. Chelsea and Kwame don’t need to be with each other because Kwame is clearly still in love with Micah. And Jackelina is going to get tired of Marshall at some point. I don’t see it for anyone but BretFany. — Taryn

Well, I’m definitely rooting for Brett and Tiffany; and of course, I’m hoping that there isn’t some dealbreaker lurking that they haven’t talked about yet. I’m also rooting for Jackelina and Marshall. They do seem like opposites, but I think they might could make it? (Also, side note, people are saying Marshall looks like Jesse Williams and I don’t see it. At all.) I think Micah and Paul break up and he goes for mean Irina. My group chat will be poppin’ if that happens. The Chelsea-Kwame-Micah situation? I don’t even know where to begin there. And Zack... well, he means well, but sorry my boy, you’re going home alone. I cannot WAIT for Friday's episodes. — Erin

Brett and Tiffany for the win, I pray. I’m trying not to get my hopes or get invested in them, but they seem to have some grasp on reality and maturity that the other couples do not. I don’t think anybody else is well-matched, to be completely honest. Regina George — I mean, Micah — can keep her second-place trophy. — Ruth

1 Standout Moment From Episode 5

Speaking of vulnerability, one of the moments I really appreciated was Marshall, Kwame and Brett having a great moment together where they talk about male vulnerability. And how important it is to tell your friends you love them. Such a nice moment!

This Is About To Be A Whole Trainwreck

You can just look at Jackie and Marshall and tell they aren’t compatible. I’ll admit, though, they had me fooled in the pods. With Jackie’s fun banter and Marshall’s vulnerability, it was cute when they were separated by a luminescent wall. Marshall even was willing to go to war with Josh for her love. But when they finally met and got to the honeymoon phase in Mexico, something felt off about them. They weren’t connecting in a way that felt believable to me.

In Mexico, Marshall is obviously head over heels for Jackie. Meanwhile, Jackie holds back. She emotionally withdraws from him and has several moments where she’s concerned with what’s going on back home. Understandable, so I give her room for grace there; no one is perfect. And Marshall is patient and willing to give her what she needs in those tough moments, space included.

However, the biggest yellow flag for me was the confessional scene in which Jackie says that she’s worried about returning to her old ways when they get back to the real world. Comments like that give me pause about whether or not she’s actually even ready for marriage. If she’s not, that’s OK. Go to a different reality dating show and stop wasting this man’s time and energy. Y’all clearly aren’t compatible.

Micah And Paul: We Don't Know Her!

I don’t even know what to say about them because I’ve just been blindsided by Micah’s nastiness. And the fact that her bestie-in-bullying actually likes Paul is more than enough mess for the rest of the season. — Erin

Stop trying to make fetch happen. We don’t believe you, you need more people. Hands down the most pointless pairing. Y’all aren’t even bringing drama. It’s so forced and so *yawn.* I paid more attention to Micah’s mean girl stunts than this sorry engagement. — Taryn

Dear Kwame, In The Words Of Nella Rose, 'Are You Not Embarrazzed?'

Last season on “Love Is Blind,” my fellow Nigerian women and I had to watch SK predictably be an embarrassment on national television. (As I have said many times, I knew from the beginning that his union with Raven was not going to end well.) Good luck to my Ghanaian sistren this time around! As soon as Kwame pronounced his name Kwah-ME instead of Kwah-MAY, my ears perked up. Moreover, once he said that he was tempted to go by “Alex” on the show, my immediate reaction was, “Oh no.”

While dealing with internalized xenophobia, racism and feelings of “otherness” can certainly warp and impact one’s self-perception — especially being told or prompted to anglicize your name in various settings for the sake of white comfort, respectability and, honestly, avoiding correcting someone for the thousandth time — at your big age of 33, Kwame, what the actual fuck. Though I have a very old, Biblical first name, my middle name is my connection to Nigerian culture, and I would want my future partner to take all of that seriously. If I feel as though I have to sanitize or anglicize my name to increase my chances of “attracting” someone, there is something deeply wrong, with both me and the type of person I’m lusting after. I’m trying to extend him grace, as I imagine there are traumas attached to this for him and many other people — and we don’t know how the producers edited this or presented him the question — but I was taken aback.

On the note of partners, Kwame’s story about how he was unable to pick up and take his high school girlfriend to prom because he’s Black was... unsurprising and not an anomaly. What was alarming was the fact that he said historically, he’s felt as though he’s had to compensate by talking about how well-educated he is, his high-paying job, etc., as though 1) Blackness is an inherent deficit (as opposed to racism being the real issue) and 2) all of those other attributes will somehow make him more desirable. Seeing him cry over two blondes, accompanied by a cringey-ass serenade, was... surely something. As I’ve written before, we see a lot of Black male celebrities and athletes (remember, Kwame is an ex-soccer player) with white wives and girlfriends — and that’s fine — but I hope this is not “just vibes, internalized racism and low self-esteem.” (I think we know the answer, though.)

Chelsea Is Better Than Me

The relationship between Chelsea and Kwame is the epitome of the phrase: “You like it, I love it.” I honestly didn’t think Kwame was going to come back from Micah’s rejection, but there Chelsea was patiently waiting in the wings for him. Their connection actually seemed real on the honeymoon, and at the very least, Chelsea seemed like she was, uh, very happy with their sexual chemistry. Chelsea has a real maturity about her, and dealt with Micah blatantly flirting and chatting up Micah for a long-ass time at the pool. (Did anyone else catch him putting imaginary hair behind his ear during the conversation? YUCK!!)

About Kwame's Singing: Kill Me Now

“I jUsT wAnT tHe ReAL tHi—” SHUT UP! BOOOOOO! I’m throwing tomatoes! If a man ever tried to sing to me — and sing to me poorly, at that — and thought that I’d be flattered by the effort? Bye. That whole scene made me physically unwell.

Honestly, You Got What You Deserved, Zack And Irina

There’s a reason why people never say “men’s intuition.” Zack is a lawyer with a horrible judge of character and it was on display as he turned down Bliss — an honorable woman who spent two hours making him birthday cupcakes — for his other top pod connection, Irina, a conniving mean girl who forgot his birthday and is too old to be acting like that. Zack’s pick only came after Bliss told him that if he picks Irina, she questions his judgment and boy was she spot on!

As soon as Zack and Irina meet after he pops the question, Irina is disgusted. She isn’t attracted to him, as made obvious by her distant body language and comments about his prolonged eye contact bothering her. Their rocky start turns into the honeymoon from hell when Zack keeps vying for some type of affection from Irina and she pays him dust. Irina is more interested in interrogating Kwame on his failed relationship with Micah and sneakily flirting with Paul. Their relationship — if you can even call it that — is a hot mess. And honestly, they both deserved it.
Key Moment

Am I Watching 'Mean Girls 2' Featuring Irina And Micah?

There was a point while watching the show where I was like, now, wait, this is weird. Netflix was spending a bit more time filming outside of the pods, covering the brewing drama in the living quarters between some of the castmates.

It was giving catty drama between Micah and Chelsea (with Micah trying to be bully in chief). Chelsea ended up being on the receiving end of it in the house, even though I’m not sure she was even aware of it. Micah was truly giving weirdo behavior: She had told Kwame that she’d chosen someone else, but then was acting like a childish teenager when she realized he was hitting it off with Chelsea. Why, girl?

And when Micah and Irina teamed up, it seemed like they thought they wanted to be on a different dating show. Maybe “Too Hot To Handle”? Like ladies, audiences want to root for the contestants on this show. Now we don't care if your relationships survive at all because of this useless nonsense. I have a group chat of friends who are keeping up with the “Love Is Blind” drama. And after Jackelina called Irina “the peasant,” we’re been rolling with that as the title of the chat. Obviously, we are living for the drama. But at the same time, WHY? — Erin

I really hate how in comparison to Season 1 of “Love Is Blind,” producers are fixating more on the drama between the singles than the actual content of the relationships. Like, I cannot recall Lauren talking to Giannina in Season 1 about her connection with Cameron; the bickering and deliberating between contestants only further instill doubt and confusion — which makes for fine television, I guess, but really poor foundations for already very shaky relationships. It just annoys me because now every person is like, “Oh, am I the one?” or “Oh, did they make the right decision?” and so on.

Now, one thing about me: I will not let a man tell me twice that he does not want me. If you have me beefing with somebody else over you, I am tapping out. When Paul let Amber down and Amber returned to the room crying, and Micah and Irina started laughing at her? Absolutely sick. Meanwhile, Irina was trying to convince Zack that even though she “didn’t use big words” and wasn’t the sharpest crayon in the box, she was the one for him. Ok, miss girl. *rolls eyes* — Ruth

It's About Damn Time

Brett and Tiffany’s chemistry (and maturity) have been the highlight of this season so far. They’re the couple I’ve been waiting to see in a Netflix dating reality show. Mainly because we’ve been starved of an example of a Black woman being properly loved on, desired and uplifted in this way since Lauren and Cameron in Season 1. The cherry on top with Tiffany is that she’s being loved on by a Black man in this season (and seemingly one of the few men who actually have some damn sense).

If we’re taking bets, I’m putting all of my money on these two to say yes at the altar. Even when Tiffany let the Casamigos put her to sleep while Brett confessed his love for her in the pods — it’s not funny but it’s funny to me — they didn’t let the hiccup come between the only true love I actually see from this group. If seeing Brett run to Tiffany upon first meeting and telling her “you’re perfect” didn’t make you melt, I truly don’t know if you have a heart. These two are an example of the grown-ass people who actually need to be on this show to create healthy, long-lasting relationships. But I guess there’s no show without drama.

I Missed This Hot Mess Of A Show

OK, I’m admittedly still reeling after all the SK and Raven drama from Season 3, so I was a little reluctant to invest more time in a Netflix reality dating show. But who am I kidding? I love mess. The trailer started off with plenty of intrigue, and the casting promos were like “Look at all these Black contestants!” And then, here we are. Looking forward to diving into all the nitty gritty with y’all. Let’s get to it!

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