Marjorie Taylor Greene Lashes Out At Jimmy Kimmel With Book Promo Idea. It Backfires.

The far-right Republican congresswoman sought an invite to "Jimmy Kimmel Live," and critics had thoughts.

Far-right Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) didn’t take too kindly to the latest mockery about her from late-night TV host Jimmy Kimmel.

After Kimmel on Tuesday roasted Greene’s release of her new book, “MTG,” and called her “not a bright woman,” Greene fired back on X-formerly-Twitter to seek an invite on the show.

“Hey @jimmykimmel since most of your show content is your nonstop lies about me, why don’t you have me on your show?” she asked. “I’ll bring you a copy of my book and we can chat about what needs to happen to SAVE AMERICA!”

While having the conspiracy theory-peddling, Donald Trump-adoring, MAGA firebrand Greene on Kimmel’s show would certainly stir controversy, it’s not entirely outside the realm of possibility ― even though Greene did last year report Kimmel to the police over one of his gags about her.

Kimmel in 2018 played (and lost) a charity basketball game with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas). He also conducted one of his most surreal interviews with MyPillow CEO/conspiracy theorist Mike Lindell, who was sitting inside a claw machine.

Kimmel has not responded to Greene’s post.

Critics mocked Greene over her message to Kimmel almost as much as they did her new Canada-printed memoir, which was released by Donald Trump Jr.’s Winning Team Publishing.

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