Mark Wahlberg Pulls A Will Smith As Hollywood Celebrates The Dad Bod

The "Spenser Confidential" star has eased up on the extreme bodybuilding in a big way.

Will Smith’s dad bod just got a sequel.

Mark Wahlberg showed off his softer physique on Tuesday ― just as Will Smith revealed he was in the “worst shape” of his life.

Wahlberg confirmed his weight gain was for a movie role.

Both actors were applauded for getting ― and looking ― real.

“And it looks just as hot in person baby,” the “Spenser Confidential” star’s wife Rhea wrote on Wahlberg’s Instagram post.

Other celebs chimed in. “You wear mad chubby well, homie,” Mario Lopez of “Access Hollywood” added. “I think you look just as good on the left as you do on the right,” Dr. Oz declared of Wahlberg’s side-by-side photos.

Wahlberg, 49, bid farewell to his signature abs and muscles in three weeks with the help of his chef, Lawrence Duran, he wrote. He illustrated the transformation in a snarling shirtless “before” shot and a more relaxed “after” pose.

The actor didn’t disclose the role he was prepping for, but said he has more pounds to add. (“Today” reported the film is “Father Stu,” in which Wahlberg plays a boxer who becomes a priest.)

While many Americans turned to their comforts (yay sourdough!) during the pandemic, it’s reassuring to see Hollywood doing the same.

“Welcome to the how the rest of us look post quarantine,” one fan wrote.

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