Marshawn Lynch Drops F-Bomb, S-Bomb During 'Monday Night Football' ManningCast

It comes just weeks after a now-infamous double-bird marred another broadcast.

Former NFL star Marshawn Lynch had a banner night during Monday night’s game ― and he’s not even playing anymore.

Taking part in the “Monday Night Football” ManningCast ― an alternative commentary on ESPN2 ― the five-time Pro Bowler dropped two different four letter words.

He got warmed up with an “aww, shit” when hosts Peyton and Eli Manning rolled old footage of him eating Skittles during a game:

Lynch was known for his love of the candy and became a pitchman for the product.

Then, minutes later, he dropped an F-bomb:

Earlier in the game he had said he had had three shots of Hennessy beforehand, which might explain it:

Peyton Manning apologized later in the show.

“I want to thank Marshawn Lynch,” he said. “Not as wild about the language, I want to apologize for some of the language. It’s not what we’re trying to do on this show.”

“I had to remind Eli that this show is live,” he said of his brother, who flipped a double-bird on the air last month. “So Eli’s learned his lesson.”

“Keep the hands down,” Eli Manning chimed it. ”Hand below the screen.”

(h/t Mediaite)

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