Mary Trump Quips That Her Uncle's Lawyers Now Probably 'Operate Out Of Strip Malls'

And she thanked Donald Trump for helping her sell more books by suing her.

Mary L. Trump was on another tear Friday against uncle and former President Donald Trump, mocking his legal woes and how bad he looks in the lawsuit he filed against her and The New York Times.

As top-caliber attorneys back out of of representing the former president, Mary Trump quipped Friday in a Daily Beast podcast, the only lawyers her uncle can persuade to work for him now probably “operate out of strip malls.”

She also jabbed the former president for “helping me sell more books” since excerpts were quoted extensively in the $100 million lawsuit he filed earlier this week over the tax records she provided to the Times, which produced a Pulitzer Prize-winning series about them.

“Should I be angry, or should I send him flowers for selling more books for me? I think it’s the latter,” Mary Trump told Molly Jong-Fast on “The New Abnormal.”

But “probably my favorite thing about the suit is that he quotes the Times article extensively, which outlines all the awful things Donald had done,” she added.

Trump said her attorney has told her the lawsuit is “dead in the water. It’s doomed to fail because it’s so shoddy,” she added. “I don’t think he has lawyers left at this point who probably do anything other than operate out of strip malls.”