Ex-Trump Attorney Michael Cohen Has Burning Message For His New Lawyers

Trump's former fixer has a stark warning for anyone considering joining the former president's legal team.

Michael Cohen, the longtime personal attorney and fixer for Donald Trump, delivered a blunt warning to any lawyers considering joining the former president’s legal team.

“Donald doesn’t pay,” Cohen said on CNN on Wednesday evening. “He does not pay legal fees, whether you are successful for him or not.”

Trump has struggled to keep lawyers through his years of legal problems, and is reportedly having problems finding attorneys to represent him as he faces 37 federal counts related to his classified documents scandal.

Cohen, who served as Trump’s key legal henchman for years before turning on his former boss, said there’s a simple explanation.

“He has burnt so many of the top white-shoe firms they have no interest whatsoever in representing him,” he said. “On top of that, he is an incredibly difficult client because he believes that his knee-jerk reaction, his gut reaction, is always right.”

But that gut reaction, Cohen said, is often wrong ― and partly explains why he is now under indictment:

“This case, all he needed to do to have shut it down was to return the documents day one,” Cohen said. “All he needed to do after he got caught with the documents, turn it over. Instead, again like the petulant child scenario, he just needs to hold onto it, he needs to fight, fight, fight. He will fight for stupid things.”

Cohen was sentenced to three years in prison after pleading guilty to campaign finance violations, lying to Congress and other charges, which he said was done on behalf of Trump.

He has since cooperated with investigators and turned into a prominent critic of the former president.

See more of his appearance on CNN below:

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