Ex-Republican Grandee Sounds The Alarm On Current GOP: 'It’s Getting Scary Up In Here'

Former RNC Chair Michael Steele spelled out why three key Republican assumptions about Donald Trump are wrong.

Former Republican National Committee Chair Michael Steele on Tuesday lamented the current state of the GOP and its almost complete subservience to former President Donald Trump.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid suggested that most Republicans have “given up the struggle” and are now “dealing with a fascist onslaught” by simply getting on board. “Is there yet inside the Republican Party any hint of a willingness to fight this, anywhere?” she asked Steele.

“It is in quiet corners, and that’s part of my frustration and the frustration of a number of us who are trying to elevate the conversation inside the house,” Steele replied. “Because the call is coming from inside the house, right? The horror that you are afraid of is there behind you, in the closet down the hall, and it’s no longer in the closet, it’s actually kind of roaming the halls and taking out members as they find them in various chambers and organizations and so forth.”

Trump is polling well ahead of his fellow Republicans in the presidential primary, but Steele said there are still GOP governors and lawmakers who believe either that he will not be the party’s 2024 nominee, or that if he does win the nomination, he’ll lose in the general election ― and that Americans can then “all go down the yellow brick road together” and forget how bad things had become.

But all those assumptions are wrong, Steele argued.

“Everything about it is wrong. The idea of democracy has become a foreign concept,” he said. “It has become ‘other’ to them as an immigrant or migrant coming into the country or a transgender child. That’s how they’re seeing the world right now. And those of us still inside the house, it’s like, ‘OK, I think we need to head for the front porch, because it’s getting scary up in here.’”

Watch the video here:

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