Michael Strahan Announces He's Closed His Iconic Tooth Gap

Is it #GoodbyeGap or just April Fools?

Michael Strahan has unveiled a new look in the lead-up to April Fools’ Day.

Whether people know the Hall of Famer from his football career or from “Good Morning America,” most would be aware of the trademark gap between his two front teeth.

“I did it. #GoodbyeGap,” he tweeted Tuesday, along with a video of him undergoing a dental procedure at Smile Design Manhattan to close the space between his teeth:

Fans and commenters were supportive of his new look, but many reminded him they loved his smile the way it was, too.

Others were very suspicious about the timing. For one thing: It’s been done before. Around April Fools’ 2018, NBA star Anthony Davis said he’d taken a razor to his famous monobrow, but later admitted it was still there. Moreover, Strahan was waxing just last week about how “I rock my gap with pride! It’s who I am!”

Only time will tell.

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