Michelle Obama Shares The Empowering Advice She'd Give To Her Teenage Self

The former first lady penned a heartfelt letter for CBS News' "Note to Self" series.

Michelle Obama has a heartfelt message for her younger self.

In a letter that the former first lady imagined writing to herself as a teenage freshman at Princeton University, she said: “You’re more than enough, Miche.”

You always have been and you always will be. And I can’t wait for you to see that,” she added in the note, which she penned for the latest installment of CBS News’ “Note to Self” series.

Obama touched upon the importance of sacrifices made by her parents, her father’s death and her future struggle “to find a balance between your family, your husband’s rising career, and your own sense of self” in the lengthy letter, which is now going viral.

The bestselling author, whose memoir Becoming was released last month, also gave advice to her teenage self about haters “who’ve never met you and don’t really care to.”

“Don’t stoop to their level, no matter how gratifying it might feel in the moment,” she wrote. “Hold tight to those values your parents taught you.”



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