People Are Obsessed With This Michigan Voter’s Blunt Summary Of Trump On TV

The woman didn’t hold back in her assessment of the former president.

During a televised interview from Detroit, a Michigan voter offered a succinct rundown of her feelings about Donald Trump that social media users loved.

“NATO is a bulwark against Russian aggression, and he was ready to walk out of that,” Susan Titus said in a clip that aired on MSNBC amid Tuesday’s primaries in the state.

She also pointed to the ways the former president treated “people of Muslim religious background” and “his dirty mouth.”

“I think he’s pretty much an asshole, to coin a phrase,” she added.

“And it’s terrifying to me, at 80, to think that he would be one of the last presidents,” she went on. “He could decimate social programs that I’ve been committed to and worked on for a very long time.”

Titus, a retired college professor, said she voted for President Joe Biden on Tuesday, citing her anger at Trump as the main reason, according to NBC News.

Trump cruised to victory in Michigan’s Republican primary, winning nearly 70% of the vote. Biden won the Democratic contest as expected, but lost a substantial number of votes to a protest campaign to vote “uncommitted” over his support for Israel’s war in Gaza.

It appears Titus has found herself some fans on social media, where many users said her message was pretty much spot on.

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