'Morning Joe' Hits Trump With A Scathing Supercut Of His Recent Ravings

"He's lost. That's some of Donald Trump's greatest hits on foreign policy," Joe Scarborough said.

It’s been a chaotic few weeks in global affairs — and in Donald Trump’s rants about them.

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” rounded up some of the former president’s wildest, most egregious and downright bizarre recent gaffes and tangents in a supercut that aired Tuesday morning.

Among many other moments, it includes the Republican presidential front-runner calling Hungary’s prime minister the leader of Turkey, saying the militant group Hezbollah is “very smart,” and vowing to ban immigrants who “don’t like our religion.”

Watch below:

“He’s lost. That’s some of Donald Trump’s greatest hits on foreign policy,” MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough said, noting that the video didn’t include multiple other flubs.

“And by the way, Biden does it too,” Scarborough said, referring to President Joe Biden. “They’re both old men, and they’re both doing it.”

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, a guest on Tuesday morning’s program and Trump’s biggest critic in the 2024 presidential race, pinned the former president’s erratic behavior to “the stress of what he knows is coming in his criminal problems.”

Trump is the subject of four criminal indictments and also has been appearing in court for a $250 million civil trial in New York, in which a judge has already found him liable of fraud.

CORRECTION: This story has been amended to note that the civil trial involves a $250 million lawsuit, not a $2.5 million lawsuit.

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