Must-Have Kitchen Gadgets That Won't End Up In Your Junk Drawer

Useful stocking stuffers for people who love to cook.

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Struggling to shop for the chef in your life? Keep scrolling. 
Struggling to shop for the chef in your life? Keep scrolling. 

If there’s someone in your life who loves to cook — whether they prefer creating their own complicated recipes or whipping up dinner using a meal-prep kit like Hello Fresh and Blue Apron — there’s also someone in your life who loves cooking gadgets.

As a chef’s wife, I know a thing or two about useful kitchen items. I’ve worked my way through many products to curate a list of the simplest, best and most-reached-for gadgets that make our time in the kitchen a breeze. Most of the items on this list are excellent stocking stuffers for people who love to cook, but they also make thoughtful hostess gifts.

Take a look below:

An easy-to-use garlic press
For far too long I dreaded when a recipe asked me to mince garlic. I’d sort of haphazardly chop the garlic clove until it looked small, but my hands would smell of garlic for days. There are stainless steel soap bars to combat the garlicky odor, but they don’t make the process of chopping garlic any easier. This garlic press, though, is one of our top three most-used tools, and it works for fresh ginger, too! Come along, pad thai: You’re our new go-to meal. Get it on Amazon.
Magnetic measuring cups
Keep your measuring cups neatly nestled together with the magnetic feature of these. We promise you won’t lose your ⅓ cup in the back of the drawer anymore. Get them on Amazon.
A silicone basting brush that's easy to clean
A homey chicken pot pie is one of our favorite comfort foods (plus, it’s the perfect vehicle for vegetables lingering in your crisper). For years I skipped adding an egg wash to the crust because it felt unnecessary and, frankly, way too messy. Not anymore. A silicone basting brush doesn’t take up much space in your drawer, and the dishwasher-friendly bristles mean your pie and grilling games just got a little stronger. Get it on Amazon .
A 2-in-1 whisk that folds flat
Whisks are handy, but they undoubtedly take up precious drawer real estate. This Joseph Joseph 2-in-1 whisk gives you both a flat whisk and balloon whisk — and when flat, it slides easily into your drawer. Get it on Amazon.
A milk frother
Sur La Table
Full disclosure: I am not a coffee drinker (instead, I keep Diet Dr Pepper in business), but this milk frother delights my children when we make hot chocolate. It’s also great for whipping up your own salad dressing in a flash. Get it at Sur La Table.
A cookie-sized spatula
Every baker needs a miniature spatula. No longer will you run the risk of smashing or deforming a warm cookie by trying to wedge a regular-sized spatula underneath it. Get it on Amazon.
A quality meat thermometer
Speaking of comfort food, Ina Garten’s perfect roast chicken is, as suggested, perfect. The key to a truly optimal roast bird, however, is making sure the thighs and legs are cooked through. Can you imagine hosting Ina’s A-list squad and pulling apart a raw thigh? Shudder. This meat thermometer folds small and reads quickly. Get it on Amazon.
A trigger ice cream scoop
Speaking of baking, if you haven’t made this Levain cookie recipe, have you even cookie’d yet? This scoop is the perfect way to oversize your baked goods and it will cut through your toughest Halo Top or Ben & Jerry’s. Plus, the trigger release ensures the perfect shape every time. Get it on Amazon.
Measuring spoons that'll last
You probably have a set of measuring spoons that have stayed with you since your dorm days, but this stainless steel set is the perfect excuse to upgrade. Get them on Amazon.
An extra-wide spatula
If you find yourself making grilled cheeses and flipping pancakes with a subpar spatula, it might be time to invest in a new model. This extra-wide spatula means you can control your flip of sandwiches, quesadillas, kale chips and more with minimal toppings spilling out on your pan. Get it at Williams-Sonoma.
A dual can and bottle opener
Is needing to fully open a can of coconut milk a first world problem? Definitely. But this handy tool allows you to open cans without producing sharp edges on the lid, and it gets the job done quickly. Get it on Amazon.
An ultimate spatula set
This silicone spatula set comes in handy, whether you need to scoop flour or scramble eggs. The scooped version is my favorite for measuring out dry goods. Get them at William-Sonoma.