Nick Saban's 'Death Stare' As ESPN Analyst Praises Georgia's Dominance Is Damn Funny

The legendary Alabama coach got ribbed for his expression as David Pollack anointed Georgia the new standard in college football.

If looks could kill, legendary Alabama football coach Nick Saban could have murdered an ESPN broadcaster Monday during Georgia’s 65-7 rout of TCU in the college title game. (Watch the video below.)

At halftime, analyst David Pollack hailed Georgia’s top-dog standing over the last few seasons as Saban eyed him with what one viewer called a “death stare.”

“They’ve taken hold of college football,” Pollack said.

Saban listening to Pollack, a former Georgia linebacker, hold forth on the Bulldogs’ dominance was quite a sight.

The Bulldogs beat Saban’s Crimson Tide in the national title game last year between the SEC rivals. Saban’s team didn’t make the College Football Playoff at all this year, while Georgia capped an undefeated season in Los Angeles on Monday.

Sure, Saban was all smiles when he imagined what his former defensive coordinator, Georgia coach Kirby Smart, might have told the Bulldogs in the locker room.

But when he had to hear basically that Georgia is the new Alabama, well, fans had fun with that:

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