Patrick Mahomes And Travis Kelce Win Again Doing Shtick During White House Visit

The champion Kansas City quarterback and tight end teamed up for a funny bit while celebrating their Super Bowl victory with President Joe Biden.

Hail to the Chief Travis Kelce ― of the Kansas City Chiefs, that is ― for seizing President Joe Biden’s microphone while quarterback Patrick Mahomes held his tight end back. (Watch the video below.)

It was all for laughs as the team visited the White House Monday to celebrate their Super Bowl victory in February over the Philadelphia Eagles.

After Kelce and Mahomes presented Biden with a Chiefs No. 46 jersey and began to walk off, Kelce commandeered the lectern and declared: “So I’ve been waiting for this ...” Mahomes quickly whisked him away, saying, “Sorry, sorry.”

Attendees might have been in for a treat. Kelce, who hosted “Saturday Night Live” in March, has been known to go off during victory celebrations.

The president congratulated the team for displaying “the real joy of the game and love for each other and the great city you represent,” per the New York Post.

“These guys know about football, they know about life and how to use their platform to make a difference,” Biden said.

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