Even Peter Doocy, Biden's Nemesis, Sees Good News For President In New Poll

The Fox News White House correspondent offered an optimistic take on Biden after the poll.

Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy had some bad news for “Fox & Friends” on Thursday ― and that meant it was good news for President Joe Biden. (Watch the video below.)

From the White House, Doocy, who’s been known to get on Biden’s nerves, reported on a new Quinnipiac poll showing the incumbent ahead of Donald Trump by six points in their probable November rematch.

“The trends here may be changing because President Trump, former President Trump, has been leading national poll after national poll over President Biden for the last couple of weeks, but not in this one,” Doocy said. “And maybe it’s an outlier. Maybe it’s not.”

“The Biden team has been trying to pivot to general election mode,” Doocy added. “They’ve been focusing on abortion access and on union jobs. And the Trump team has spent the last week or so dealing with his legal issues.”

Doocy noted that the poll showed Trump’s remaining challenger, Nikki Haley, beating Biden by several points in an unlikely contest. However, he emphasized that Haley is a longshot to grab the nomination.

As for the speculation about whether Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s third-party campaign would hurt Biden or Trump more, Doocy said the latest poll shows Trump is adversely affected, with RFK Jr. having 14%.

“If RFK Jr. continues pulling in 14%, he is certainly going to be a spoiler for one candidate or another because that is a huge percentage of the voting public,” he said.

“F&F” co-host Ainsley Earhardt attempted to throw cold water on Doocy’s take by saying, “That’s an outlier, though, right? Because eight other polls show the opposite.”

“It could be an outlier or that could be the start of a new trend. We don’t know,” Doocy replied.

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