This Portable AC That Can Cool Or Heat Your Home Year-Round Is 36% Off Today

It's an air conditioner, heater, fan and dehumidifier all in one — at a price you’ll like.
Black + Decker's portable air conditioner and heater

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Given the ever-fluctuating temperatures and weather conditions across the United States, this Black + Decker portable AC unit will likely be a welcome addition to your home. This versatile machine also works as a heater, fan and dehumidifier, making it a truly handy year-round choice.

With tens of thousands of positive reviews, this 12,000-BTU standing air conditioner is a clear fan favorite. It has with a handy remote control so you can adjust the temperature from across the room. It comes with an easy-install kit and a five-foot hose to place in a window for proper ventilation, and has wheels as well as handles so it’s easy to move around the house. And right now, it’s a whole 36% off at Amazon.

This AC works best in rooms and offices up to 550 square feet (if you need one for even larger rooms, there’s a 14,000-BTU model on sale as well). It has a .8-liter water collection tank that you can easily empty as it sucks humidity from the air. There’s also a mounted control on the machine with an LED display, letting you easily see its settings and change the temperature or fan speed.

The filter is washable, so you don’t have to worry about ordering replacements. Grab this portable AC now at this unbeatable price and enjoy your ideal temperature, a soft breeze and dehumidifying power all year long.

Promising reviews:

“We love our new heater/ ac unit. We use it in our breezeway for our dogs. The air conditioner keeps them cool in the summer and the heater keeps them warm in the winter. A must have. Best thing we ever bought”Kirk H.

“I have a 112 year old house with no furnace, this works incredibly well. My family room is probably about 500 square feet and it kept it cool through the 100° days in Eastern Washington. I used both heat and air-conditioning in my 1965 travel trailer and absolutely impressed with it again. It being portable is extremely convenient and moving it from room to room is easy. I purchased a 2nd hose and window assembly so all I have to do is move the unit. I definitely recommend this!” — Trina

“The Black and Decker portable Heater/cooler works great. One of the best things we ever bought. It keeps our house cool/heated which ever we need and it doesn’t cost as much to run as our furnace or air conditioner. The remote makes it really easy to operate with which ever we want, heat/cool from across the room.” — Patricia Thomas

“I cannot stress this enough, buy this portable air conditioner. It has multiple uses for the summer AND the winter, what more can you ask for!? The air conditioner is very cold, and the heater is crispy hot. Installation is very quick and easy, and it can be placed anywhere and everywhere. Would buy many more if I could!” — Sonny Nguyen

“This is a great purchase we are very happy with it. Comes with everything you need to vent it out. The dehumidifier works wonderfully. Having the remote is a bonus we were surprised it had so many features has a timer too. It’s portable so you could change rooms if needed. Black and Decker has been around for years their products never disappoint us.” — Pcolagal

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