If You Hate Window Units, This Portable AC Is $150 Off At Amazon

Reviewers say this air conditioner actually kept their homes cool in 100-degree weather.
This portable air conditioner cools and dehumidifies rooms up to 500 square feet.
This portable air conditioner cools and dehumidifies rooms up to 500 square feet.

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Unbearably hot days are one of the most undesirable parts of summer, especially if your home cooling system isn’t up to snuff. According to tons of positive reviews, this portable AC unit is ready for the job —and for a limited time, it’s just over $150 off its original price at Amazon.

The energy-efficient Whynter air conditioner, which Good Housekeeping called “the best overall portable air conditioner of 2023,” claims to comfortably cool large rooms up to 500 square feet while also offering standard fan and dehumidifying functions. And because it’s a wheeled portable unit, you don’t have to worry about trying to install the whole thing in a window and blocking your view all year.

The Whynter’s most notable feature is its dual hose operation, which the company says translates to faster and more effective cooling, even when outside temperatures are soaring. The unit uses an auto-drain system that promises to utilize and recycle moisture collected during the cooling process to produce more cool air.

The AC is fitted with both an activated carbon filter and washable pre-filter to remove dander, smoke and other potential irritants and toxins in the air while it’s running. You can also rest easy when it comes to setup, since an included easy-to-follow window kit secures the exhaust hoses to the window of your choice.

Take advantage of this 25% off sale before your thermostat reaches peak summer heat, or keep reading to learn a bit more about how capable the Whynter air conditioner really is.

Promising Amazon reviews:

“This portable AC unit is an absolute BEAST. I am extremely happy with it! It easily puts out 30-35 degrees colder output air than the ambient temp of the air in the room. Even outputting air lower than 32 degrees, with no problem. The lowest I have seen it output was 27 degrees when the room was at 61 degrees and it has never frozen up on me. When the room is 90 degrees it will easily output 60 degrees, sometimes even lower temp air. All temps checked with a calibrated infrared thermometer. This is a fantastic performance! With temps at 96F outside, it will easily keep my 375-square foot upstairs room with vaulted ceilings at 75 degrees.” — SK

“For anyone going back and forth trying to decide on a portable, you’ll likely be happy with this one. I’ve had a couple of different brands [with] similar capacities, and this one is the best of them, for a number of reasons: Dual hose, runs quieter than other portables, the air coming out is very cold and lower power consumption than similar units.” — E

“First of all, this air conditioner changed our lives! [It] has cooled our lower level two story house amazingly!! Our house is less than 15 years old so it is insulated pretty good, but because our house is North facing we get most of our heat in the back of our house. It even kept us cool in 100+ degree weather. It was about 109 outside and the cooler kept it about low to mid 70 in the living, dining, and kitchen.” — Loulou

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