Priscilla Presley Slams Bam Margera For Claiming She Gifted Him Personal Elvis Items

After a recent get-together, the "Jackass" alum had said Presley gave him a robe and a ring that once belonged to the King.

Priscilla Presley and Bam Margera recently met for the first time — and it will likely be the last.

Margera visited the actor last week and later claimed that she gifted him a robe and a ring that once belonged to her former husband, Elvis Presley. But in statements shared with the media Tuesday, she accused the “Jackass” alum of fabricating that exchange.

Presley said Margera “asked for a photo with me for his father, who is a big fan” and that he proceeded to circulate the image “accompanied by false information and storytelling.” Presley stated that she cherishes the music legend “too much to ever squander anything.”

“At no time during the visit did I give him anything of Elvis,” she said. “I still have everything he ever touched. I would never disrespect Elvis who was the love of my life by giving away anything that belonged to him. I have always protected them for the fans.”

She also said Margera “was filming in my home without my consent” — which Presley didn’t appreciate.

“After what Bam has chosen to do, my son and I want no further communication with him,” she said, referring to Navarone Garibaldi Garcia — a friend of Margera’s who helped arrange the get-together.

Margera offered a mea culpa Tuesday on Instagram, saying he felt “very sorry and embarrassed.”

“I can’t apologize enough for acting like a jackass,” Margera wrote. He added that Presley’s son had actually given him the robe and ring, which Margera then regifted to his father.

But the questions surrounding the items may not end there. On Friday, the rapper Yelawolf had already written on Instagram that Margera “gifted that ring to me,” alongside an apparent photo of the jewelry.

Sources close to Presley, meanwhile, told TMZ that the ring in question was actually one of Margera’s own.

This isn’t the first time that Presley and her family have made the news this year. Her daughter, singer Lisa Marie Presley, died last month at the age of 54.

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