42 Products That’ll Stop Cold Weather Problems Before They Even Start

The weather outside is frightful, but these useful products are about to make your life so much more delightful.
Protect yourself from the cold with <a href="https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00121UVU0?tag=kristenadaway-20&ascsubtag=61fc3119e4b05004242a4550%2C-1%2C-1%2Cd%2C0%2C0%2Chp-fil-am%3D0%2C0%3A0%2C0%2C0%2C0" target="_blank" role="link" data-amazon-link="true" rel="sponsored" class=" js-entry-link cet-external-link" data-vars-item-name="O&#x27;Keefe&#x27;s Working Hands cream" data-vars-item-type="text" data-vars-unit-name="61fc3119e4b05004242a4550" data-vars-unit-type="buzz_body" data-vars-target-content-id="https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00121UVU0?tag=kristenadaway-20&ascsubtag=61fc3119e4b05004242a4550%2C-1%2C-1%2Cd%2C0%2C0%2Chp-fil-am%3D0%2C0%3A0%2C0%2C0%2C0" data-vars-target-content-type="url" data-vars-type="web_external_link" data-vars-subunit-name="article_body" data-vars-subunit-type="component" data-vars-position-in-subunit="0">O'Keefe's Working Hands cream</a> and <a href="https://www.amazon.com/dp/B004LLQNL4?tag=kristenadaway-20&ascsubtag=61fc3119e4b05004242a4550%2C-1%2C-1%2Cd%2C0%2C0%2Chp-fil-am%3D0%2C0%3A0%2C0%2C0%2C0" target="_blank" role="link" data-amazon-link="true" rel="sponsored" class=" js-entry-link cet-external-link" data-vars-item-name="a car seat warmer" data-vars-item-type="text" data-vars-unit-name="61fc3119e4b05004242a4550" data-vars-unit-type="buzz_body" data-vars-target-content-id="https://www.amazon.com/dp/B004LLQNL4?tag=kristenadaway-20&ascsubtag=61fc3119e4b05004242a4550%2C-1%2C-1%2Cd%2C0%2C0%2Chp-fil-am%3D0%2C0%3A0%2C0%2C0%2C0" data-vars-target-content-type="url" data-vars-type="web_external_link" data-vars-subunit-name="article_body" data-vars-subunit-type="component" data-vars-position-in-subunit="1">a car seat warmer</a>.
Protect yourself from the cold with O'Keefe's Working Hands cream and a car seat warmer.

Even though temperatures may be less than ideal where you are, that doesn’t mean you have to suffer from cold hands, feet and even car seats all winter. From reusable hand warmers to snow pants to a heated water bowl for your canine pal, our list below contains some of the most useful items you’ll need for colder months.

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A draft-blocker to prevent pesky drafts from sneaking in
Promising review: "I specifically purchased this item because I could feel a draft coming from under my front door. I live in the NE so a draft can be -10 degrees some days during the winter. I cleaned the install area well and let that area dry for a bit. I then measured out my door w/ the strip and marked the spot with a pencil (measured twice to be sure!). After cutting and installing I used a paper towel to rub and press the draft stopper into the door for at least five minutes. NO DRAFT." — RemyJax

Get a pack of two from Amazon for $8.99+ (available in five colors).
A window insulation kit because it's super common for cold air to leak in
It's super easy to install. All you need is a measuring tape, scissors, a hair dryer, and a few minutes of time.

Promising review: "SORCERY!!! What a difference this has already made! Using an infrared thermometer, the temperature inside went from the mid-50s to 66.7 within minutes of installation. The furnace was always set to the high-60s until we installed the film. Now it's set at 63 degrees, and the furnace is blowing less frequently and for shorter periods of time. Another bonus to this product: the road noise from outside now sounds muffled, so less noticeable/annoying. That's HUGE. And as a side note, the one I bought was, in fact, crystal clear." — Public name

Get the kit from Amazon for $12.99+ (also available in a 10-window kit).
A mini pop-up tent
They're called Under the Weather pods (love a good pun). It pops up quickly, has a little roof and three clear plastic walls, and you can even zip several together while still keeping the front closed!

Promising review: "We had a ballgame today where it was 30 degrees, one minute it was raining then it would turn to snow. While everyone else was freezing cold I was warm and toasty — I only had a long sleeve shirt and yoga pants on while everyone else was layered up. I had extra stuff with me but it put in the floor of the pod 'cause I was so warm. others had three or four blankets on top of their layers of clothes. I put a small propane heater in there and it felt like I was sitting in my living room. I highly recommend this product as I am a very happy customer! I’ve looked at them for years but always backed out and finally decided it was time to get it. I will never sit out in a cold snowy or rainy ballgame ever again." — Jeff & Tennille Chambers

Get it from Amazon for $99.99 (available in five colors), or the XL version also for $99+.
A tub of dog paw wax
You can also use this in the summer to protect their paws from hot pavement!

Promising review: "I have used this product on the last three dogs I’ve had. Living in the Northeast, I deal with snow, salt, and ice in the winters and blistering pavement in the summers, and this product is an absolute miracle. I purchased three more containers today for my dog to give out as Christmas presents to her friends. It is that good. In the winter, I put it on her paws two to three times a week and she can withstand the bitter cold and salty walks. In the summer when the temperature is 80 degrees and above, I put it on her paws and she can walk on asphalt without issue. FYI: If your dog is slipping around inside, you have put too much on! You need to work this into the pad, between the toes, and wipe off any excess with a paper towel. I have dark hardwood floors and I have never seen paw prints." — Kat Lanz

Get it from Amazon for $14.99.
A pair of cozy lined leggings if you have to head out in freezing temperatures
Promising review: "The reviewer who says 'it's like wearing kittens on your legs' is spot on. Kittens, small teddy bears, whatever you want to call it — these leggings aren't lined with fleece — it's low-pile, stretchy faux fur. But you don't look like you gained 20 lbs. when you wear them. I went out to a concert on a miserably cold and windy February evening, with these leggings under a skirt. I'm terribly cold-blooded, and even I felt like, 'COME ON, WIND, BRING IT ON.' There's one potential negative: the seams around the crotch and butt are obvious. " — Amazon Customer

Get them from Amazon for $11.99 (available in 15 colors and sets).
A bottle of Quick N Brite fireplace cleaner
This will work on brick, stone, tile and grout.

Promising review: "Unbelievable! My daughter just moved into her first home. She thought she would have to paint her brick fireplace because of the heavy soot stains that had been there for years. We applied the product twice and put in a whole lot of elbow grease, but what a difference! It’s a messy process, but well worth the time and energy." — MM

Get it from Amazon for $15.52.
Sherpa-lined sweats keep your legs feeling nice and toasty
Promising review: "I'm always cold in the Wisconsin winters. These toast me up and are perfect for lounging. So cozy." — Jodi Larson

Get them from Amazon for $33.88+ (available in XS-XXL and in nine colors).
An adorable satin-lined hat
Virginia-based small business Honest & Faithful also makes their popular satin-lined hats for kids.

Promising review: "I have purchased several of these hats for both myself and friends and family. We all love them. They are just what we need to protect our hair. I love the color options, too." — Adenah

Get it from Honest & Faithful on Etsy for $20.50 (available in eight colors).
An extra-moisturizing hand cream
Promising review: "I LOVE this hand cream! My hands are so dry this winter and I’m a dog walker, so I’m constantly washing them, which just washes off any other lotion I use. This stuff is thick, but not greasy, and it’s almost waterproof! There is absolutely no fragrance at all and it even helps my dry cuticles. Hands down the best hand cream I’ve found to date and a little goes a long way, so I can afford it!" — Kindle Mom

Get it from Amazon for $6.98.
A beanie with a hole for your ponytail (or messy bun)
I got this a few years ago as a Christmas present and it has become my most-worn hat! I like to go on long walks outside, but I like to keep my hair up in a ponytail during those walks. I love that this hat lets me keep my hair out of my face while also keeping my noggin nice and toasty. And it comes in so many cute colors — I might just have to buy another one!

Promising review: "This is probably one of the best purchases I've ever made. I know it's just a hat, but every winter I've fought with my long, thick hair and unless you can relate, you will never understand how wonderful and brilliant this design is...No longer will I have to choose between being cute and being warm. With this hat, I get to be both!...This hat has a hole specifically for my hair! It's like it was made for me! Also, I can still wear it with my hair down and, because of the beanie's design, you can't really tell there's a hole at the end. The hole is elastic, too, which is a neat feature. Not elastic enough to be a hair tie, but just enough that it stretches over my mound of hair and holds tight to my bun, so no snow gets in if I wipeout and if I'm going down a massive hill with great speed and my beanie tries to fly off, the elastic hold onto my bun and I never lose my hat. It really is the little things." — Kali

Get it from Amazon for $17.99 (available in 118 colors).
A coffee warmer
Promising review: "I had gone through two other coffee warmers in a month, both of which got raving reviews on Amazon but barely kept coffee warm for 30 minutes. So I decided to splurge on this more expensive one. BEST DECISION EVER! Not only does it keep your coffee warm, it keeps it HOT on the highest setting. It does an excellent job at keeping your coffee hot for as long as you want, PLUS it is super easy to turn on and off. When you turn it off, it displays the lowest hot setting light to show you the plate is still hot so no unsuspecting burns. This is hands down the best option on the market."Elizabeth Harris

Get it from Amazon for $18.99+ (available in seven colors).
Waterproof dog booties to keep your pup's paws from getting too cold
It also keeps their paws protected from salt, which can dry out and irritate your dog's paws if they walk over it.

Promising review: "Awesome booties. These babies stay on. She runs, jumps and does everything she normally does except, she can't scratch if needed. (Just gonna have to wait, that's all.) Bought a size 6 for my 50-lb. girl pitty. She's small but solid. Live in NW 'burbs of Chicago. We walk a couple of miles a day. Our neighborhood has no sidewalks. When it sleets or snows, road salt is an issue. As most dogs do, she likes to off-road it, so it's in the snow, on the street, repeat. These keep her paws from getting packed up with snow and salt. Initially, it's kind of a hassle getting them on, but it gets easier. If you buy them, put them on your dog in the house and let them figure them out. And strap 'em down good." — earshplitten

Get it from Amazon for $24.64 (available in seven sizes and six colors).
A tabletop electric space heater
Promising review: "I have never written a review before, but I feel compelled to for this product. I moved into an apartment where the radiator schedule is out of my control. It gets very cold in the evening and I was looking for a space heater to warm up my living/office area. I must admit, I was fully expecting this heater to be bigger, as it looks large in the photos. It’s really just a desk heater. However, it is SO WARM. I’ve only been using it for a day but it really does warm up my entire living/office area. Though I had to dock a star for the false sense of size, I am very happy with my purchase. Not to mention it is very sleek looking and fits the decor in my living space very well." — Madiha M.

Get it from Amazon for $28.83.
A windshield cover for snow
The dimensions are 75 x 42.25 inches, so it should fit most sedans, SUVs, and trucks.

Promising review: "This prevents icy windshields early in the morning and even helps prevent snow buildup on your windshield! (Just don't yank the cover too quickly otherwise you'll still get snow on the windshield.) I used to have a carport and then moved to an apartment that had street parking. It was a pain in my butt to scrape ice/snow off of my windshield and this is a great solution that isn't too expensive!" — Sunshine

Get it from Amazon for $29.95.
A giant snow broom to remove large chunks of snow
Promising review: "Why did I not get one of these sooner? Lightweight, easy to use, clears off my SUV in no time. Only good for the 'fluffy' snow, not the icy stuff, but makes life so much easier if you live in a snowy region. Far faster clean off than the ice-scraper brushes I used before, far less stretching to angle into the high/weird spots that can be tough to reach without one. After a season of use (and many snowfalls, some small, some HUGE), mine barely looks used, the foam is pretty sturdy if you're reasonably careful with it. I especially love it for cleaning off the top of my SUV. This makes it easy and fast the ensure my roof is clear from any dangerous chunks of snow that could fly off my car while I'm driving and become a hazard to others on the road. Just a bunch of swipes and I'm good to go there. It takes me roughly one-fourth of the time to clear my car with this as opposed to one of the traditional brushes. I love this thing so much, I plan to buy more for gifts for my family for the holidays next year." — Utterly Undead Reads (and sometimes more)

Get it from Amazon for $24.99.
A value pack of HotHands hand warmers
These babies start to activate in as little as 15 minutes; just remove one from the outer packaging and give it a good shake. And if it starts to lose it's warmth, just give it another shake!

Promising review: "I keep a continual supply of these in my vehicle for several reasons. I drop these in my pockets to warm my hands and body at hockey games but honestly, any time I spend a great deal of time outside in the winter I have them just in case. Once they heat up you can put them in gloves, pockets, or anywhere you need to keep warm (I’ve put them in my knit hat before). Depending on the temps and where you place them, two to four hours of warmth can last." — Miss Hollis

Get a pack of 20 from Amazon for $15.10.
And a HotHands lap warmer to keep your lower half just as warm
Promising review: "Really liked the size of this warmer — it filled my entire lap and kept me warm and comfortable all day long. I use hand and toe warmers all the time but they only warm the hands and feet. Until I tried this lap warmer, my legs would get cold when using a camp chair. Liked the fact that it warmed up quickly and didn’t require batteries or pre-heating and was light enough to easily carry with my other stuff. I used the warmer under a blanket which kept me a lot warmer than the blanket could by itself." — Thomas

Get it from Amazon for $7.01.
Shearling insoles that will instantly make your shoes winter-ready
Promising review: "Perfect addition to my rain boot! I was battling cold feet on rainy Connecticut days until I came across this product. It makes a world of difference. I'm not a big fan of chunky socks and this eliminates needing wool socks." — Miss Sarah

Get them from Amazon for $24.95+ (available in sizes 5–14).
A draft guard if you have a large gap under your front or back doors
Promising review: "This draft stopper is exactly what I need. An added, unexpected bonus is that it not only keeps drafts at bay, there is also much less noise leaking into the room. I wanted a draft stopper that would stay in place and not need constant adjusting. Mission accomplished! I also like that the foam baffles can be removed so the casing can be washed. A VERY successful, satisfactory purchase." —djc

Get one from Amazon for $15.99+ (available in three colors).
A rechargeable LED pet collar to keep your dog safe and seen
Promising review: "My pit bull is all black and we walk 2 miles after I get home from work. Even though I carry a flashlight, we have spooked many people on our evening walks. I thought this was the perfect solution. This collar is fantastic! It's bright enough for people to see her from a distance but not too bright that she is bothered by it. It has three settings, although I only use the solid light setting. I use a harness as well so I don't have to attach the leash to the collar. I also love that it's rechargeable and I don't have to mess with battery replacements. I would definitely recommend & already have recommended this product to many other dog owners. Love it!" — Kristine Livingston

Get it from Amazon for $17.99+ (available in sizes XXS–XL and six colors).
A therapy lamp perfect for anyone who works long hours
This delivers up to 10,000 lux intensity for effective light therapy.

Promising review: "I was skeptical at first regarding light therapy in general. However, living in New England and having such dim and cloudy weather I was willing to give it a try. The portable happy light from Verilux is wonderful! I got it and immediately started using it at home. I liked it so much that I brought it to work and am starting to use it there. I may even get a second one to have at both places. I am a very pleased customer!" — Scott P.

Get it from Amazon for $29.99.
Some sinus relief shower steamers
Based in Suffolk, Virginia, Megan Nicole Company is a small business that makes highly giftable bath products by hand.

Promising review: "The scent of these is incredible and perfect for winter mornings when I wake up feeling stuffy. Loved them so much I bought a few more sets to give as holiday gifts!" — lifelovewhy

Get a pack of four from Megan Nicole Company on Etsy for $6.27.
Ciera Velarde / BuzzFeed
An over-the-door shoe organizer
That's my coat closet pictured above, and using this to organize my and my fiancé's winter gear is so, so helpful. The clear pockets are great for helping you see exactly what you have stored, and basically you can just grab and go on your way out the door. It might just be the best $10 purchase I've ever made.

Get it from Amazon for $9.87+ (available in four colors).
A heated water bowl for dogs who love to stay outside on snow days
Promising review: "Good product for outdoor pets! Heated bowl keeps the water from freezing. The cord is well made as well." — RaisinMP

Get it from Chewy for $32.99 or from Amazon for $28.01+ (available in four sizes).
A universal plush steering wheel cover
Promising review: "Looks really cute and is just as soft and fluffy as the pictures suggest. Keeps my hands from burning in the summer, and I have zero doubt it will keep them from freezing this winter." — Enoch A. Smith

Get it from Amazon for $16.34.
A cool-mist humidifier, because blasting heat in the winter can lead to dry skin and even nosebleeds
Promising review: "We have used a smaller humidifier, so when we needed to cover a larger room, we purchased this XL model. So far, it's well designed, easy to use, extremely quiet, provides good coverage in the room, and especially useful is the mist control, which turns the unit on and off and allows us to vary the degree of moisture. That feature isn't on our smaller model. We have not had to clean it yet, but based on the other model we have, we don't expect that to be a difficult task. I think Pure makes a good product and would recommend this XL model for a larger room." — eamommy

Get it from Amazon for $59.99.
And a genius tank cleaner to keep your humidifier free of gross buildup
Promising review: "Just drop this in your humidifier and it keeps the water pretty darn mildew and mold free. Super easy to use, no smell and safe. I have already repurchased and given a few to other people as well." — Kristine

Get it from Amazon for $4.97.
A pair of wireless sleep headphones that are great for running outside in the winter
Promising review: "I love this headband! I live in a place that has winter and I love that I can wear this for a headband that covers my ears to keep me warm! The volume control helps because there is a lot of traffic on my street and I have to turn them up frequently. When I turn them up, the noise cancellation is good. The sound quality could be a little better because the speakers move around and you have to position them. I also like the fact that it is washable when you take out the speakers and the little charging cord. I am sure I will wear this in the summer as well. Thanks for making such a great product!" — Kathy F

Get it from Amazon for $20.99 (available in nine colors).
A blanket from Rumpl designed to go everywhere you go
Rumpl is a small business based in Portland, Oregon that makes stylish, cozy "sleeping bag blankets" meant for indoor and outdoor activities.

Promising review: "I recommend this for ANYONE who gets cold easily, who has to sit at baseball or soccer games in the cold, or just wants to warm up quickly. It's really warm and windproof and goes the job wonderfully well! I was hesitant at the price, but it is well worth it!" — Tina W.

Get it from Rumpl for $99+ (available in two sizes and three colors).
Some insulated snow pants
These come with an adjustable waistband to help you get the best fit possible.

Promising review: "I love these insulated pants! I bought them to walk the dog, so I'll have no excuses, rain, sleet, snow, wind...whatever hits I'll be ready. I was very surprised with the quality of the material, craftsmanship, and comfort. These were very inexpensive and hit all my must haves...I cannot recommend them enough. Update: It snowed this weekend and I walked the dog in 20 degree weather. I was very comfortable, could have stayed outside all day in these pants. Plus they wash well. Still highly recommend!" — Shannon K.

Get it from Amazon for $26.50+ (available in women's standard, tall, and short sizes XS–4X and 25 colors or patterns).
An extra-large silicone tray perfect for freezing large amounts of soup
Promising review: "This product is an absolute game changer for folks who cook in volume for food prep or just to store leftovers in an efficient, organized way! I saw these on a different site and definitely hesitated for a while due to the price. Finally sucked it up and ordered, couldn't be happier! I've made soups, enchilada sauce, chili, breakfast casserole, etc.! Great for portion sizing! My freezer is becoming much more organized, giving me more room! I've told everyone about these! Just love them!" — Deborah L. Hughes

Get a pack of two from Amazon for $36.99.
A baby wipe warmer
Promising review: "I love this thing. I’m SO glad I got it. My child is two months old and we’ve been using it since we got home and there’s been zero mold, it’s super easy to fill, holds a whole pack of wipes, has a nice long cord, a little light, and locks on the sides of the bottom lid to keep it down when pulling out wipes. Now, when I use cold wipes in the daytime, they bother my hands because I’m used to the warm wipes, so I can’t imagine how nice it is for my little one to have them warmed up. It heats up only on the top of the lockable portion of the warmer. Not too hot, not too cold and no little hands can get into it as long as it’s locked. The only issue (which isn’t huge) that I’ve run into is that when the wipes get low, the inside gets pretty hot. This is fixed as soon as it’s filled again. I was so indecisive on this issue and I’m so glad I decided to splurge." — BR

Get it from Amazon for $29.45.
A heated car seat cover
The soft velour covers come with three heat settings.

Promising review: "Heaven on my bum! I somewhat poo-pooed seat warmers and being I don't have a new enough car for real seat warmers... this is the quickest and best solution. Every time I plug it in and it starts to warm up, I find myself saying "AHHHH". I only need the low setting (there is high and low) and I am warm-blooded anyway, so I find I don't need my heat on all the time anymore. Great value and it matches my interior." — Skip

Get it from Amazon for $30.90.
A window AC unit cover to block cold air from coming in through the vents
Just be sure to check the size of the cover against the size of your AC unit!

Promising review: "I love it. I put it on and then in probably a half hour I could notice the change in the room. That breeze was gone." — DA-BIGGUY

Get it from Amazon for $25.99+ (available in two colors and four sizes).
An odor-neutralizing candle
Promising review: "We are foster parents to a LOT of kittens, and while we wait for them to find their forever homes, even though we clean the litter twice daily, things can get smelly. I was certainly skeptical about this candle because all the reviews heralded it as some sort of miracle product. But it totally is. The first night I came home that it had been delivered, my partner had lit it and I walked into a house that DID NOT SMELL LIKE CAT despite there being 11 kittens actively everywhere. Poop smell — gone. Kitten fart smell — GONE. General messy kitten smell — GONE. We like keeping our house clean and safe for the little ones in our care, and this helps us feel a little more sane while we take care of our own cats, and take care of the ones still looking for their families." – Elizabeth Lincoln

Get it from Amazon for $21.99 (available in 28 scents).
An insulated, self-adhesive weatherproof and soundproof strip
Promising review: "JUST WHAT I NEEDED! This weatherstrip worked great for me. It came in two attached strips with an adhesive backing. The strips can be separated as needed. It was easy to peel the backing and install the strips. I installed both strips on the door casing where the door meets it when closed. It immediately stopped the draft that was coming in around the door." — RH in TN

Get it from Amazon for $8.97 (available in four colors).
A bottle of Rain-X Original windshield treatment
Promising review: "I had a cheap, untempered windshield that was awful in the rain. A friend of mine from college recommended Rain-X and I was shocked at the difference. I applied it with a soft rag and sat there wondering if it was even on properly. I trusted the system and then later that night took my car out for a drive; it rained while I was out and the difference was instantly noticeable. Before, when using my wipers, streaks would obscure my view so much that any lights would make driving in the rain hard. Now, the droplets don't smear and smaller ones sometimes just roll off. It's pretty great." — Alison J. Gong

Get two bottles from Amazon for $10.07.
A washable doormat so you don't track in tons of snowy, muddy footprints
Promising review: "One of my best purchases this year. It’s large enough to keep the snow off my floor in the wintertime, and in the summertime, it just looks nice." — For the love of shoes

Get it from Amazon for $22.99+ (available in two colors and five sizes).
An adjustable heated mouse pad if your desk is always drafty
The USB-rechargeable mouse pad has a time switch so you can set it to run for 30, 60, 90, or 120 minutes and variable heat settings between 104 and 131 degrees. If you often forget to turn off your electronics, don't worry about this one — it automatically turns off after four hours.

Promising review: "Wow this has really changed my quality of life in the office! My building is always freezing. This helps keeps my hands warm while sitting at the computer. Also very soft and lots of room to move my mouse inside. The only thing there is a little weird smell to it but kinda subsides after use. Still a great purchase in my mind though." — Kelly

Get it from Amazon for $15.99 (available in two colors).
A pair of spiky ice and snow grips
Promising review: "I used these on a backpacking trip to the Grand Canyon. The top of the rim was very icy for several miles and these literally saved my life. No joke. If I didn’t have these I would've been stuck at the bottom 'til the ice melted. Great price and great product. And easy to put on and take off." — Megan Depper

Get it from Amazon for $16.99+ (available in unisex sizes M–XXL and three colors).
Or a pair of traction cleats you can place over your running shoes
Promising review: "I own both the walk and run versions of the YakTrax. The walk is good for everyday use, but these runs are what you want if you are going on the trails. Having that strap across the toe makes sure that you don't lose one! (Happened to me in my walkers.) Traction on snow is excellent and as good as you are going to get on ice. I couldn't do without these for running in winter!" — Marie S

Get them from Amazon for $33.95+ (available in four sizes) or the walking version for $19.50+ (available in four sizes).
A paw cleaner to prevent your floor from being covered in wet, muddy footprints
Promising review: "I bought this on a whim. We have two medium-large dogs and they have made runs in the backyard. When it rains, or the snow melts, mud city. We used to use a towel and bucket to wash their paws, but not anymore. This is quick, easy and easier for the pups. Just fill with water, a little dish soap and when the pups come in, raise their paw, dip it in and slosh around a bit and in no time, paws are nice and clean. Cleaning the MudBuster is quick and simple. Unscrew the top ring, pull the silicone insert out and drop the cup, lid and insert in the dishwasher. Reassemble and you are ready to go again." — Loren J. Gietzen

Get it from Amazon for $19.99+ (available in three sizes and six colors).

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