Here's Maybe The Definitive Way To Pronounce 'Pyeongchang'

Now that the 2018 Winter Olympics have started, it's time you learned.

Perhaps you pride yourself on your Winter Olympics knowledge, and you’re eager to show it off to friends and family now that the games have started.

Just make sure you’re also pronouncing the name of host city Pyeongchang correctly.

It’s “Pee-yung-chong” (saying it quickly), linguist James Harbeck says in the video below. For those who find the clip full of TMI, you can fast-forward to the 2:55 mark. You’ll learn how to pronounce some of the other Olympics venues as well.

In the video below, a Korean woman (at the 1:40 mark) says Pyeongchang in a way that seems to somewhat support Harbeck’s version, but with a “t” sound to start the last syllable.

Same here:

Let the games begin!

Just say "the Winter Olympics in South Korea."
Just say "the Winter Olympics in South Korea."

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