The Best Quarantine Holiday Gifts To Celebrate The End Of This Strange Year

Including a UV cleaner to polish up phone screens, hand sanitizer that’s actually hydrating and standing desk board to bring a bit of balance to a WFH routine.

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2020 was strange but these quarantine gifts might help make some sense of the times we're living in. 
2020 was strange but these quarantine gifts might help make some sense of the times we're living in. 

It would be an understatement to just say that this year has been unusual.

This year has been a lot of things — unprecedented, unpredictable, uneasy — but, at least, it’s almost officially over. There are lots of us ready to rip off our 2020 calendars off the wall.

In just one year, Cottagecore grew in popularity, socially distanced sex toys became a thing and chess is hot now thanks to “The Queen’s Gambit.” Let’s not even get into how everyone was talking about “Tiger King” back in March and the tie-dye trend that took over the month of May.

Of course, the year couldn’t be complete without the rise of “pandemic products” like social distancing merch to remind those around you to stay away and quarantine birthday banners for parties over on Zoom. Yes, you can even buy prayer candles with Anthony Fauci’s face on them.

Now that the holidays are here, you might be looking for gifts that celebrate the end of this long, long, long year. This holiday season though, you might be struggling to think of a gift to give that someone will actually use during these strange times.

We did a little shopping for quarantine gift ideas that are practical and that anyone on your list would appreciate opening up, including a UV cleaner for germy screens, wall calendar for a better 2021 and no-touch tool to use in public.

Take a look:

A UV cleaner for germy screens
Featured on our guide to gifts for older parents, this UV cleaner will also work for anyone else on your list. This device uses UV light to clean your phone. It's ideal for someone who can't take their eyes off their phone for two seconds. Find it for $80 at Nordstrom.
A wall calendar for a better 2021
For the friend who has been eagerly checking off the last days of 2020, this "Best Year Ever" calendar promises a much more colorful 2021. It comes with a sticker page to mark all the good things to come. Find it for $19 at
A no-touch tool to use in public
The perfect pandemic product, this no-touch tool can slide right on to a keychain. It can be used to press buttons, pull levers and open doors — just the thing you need in our social distancing times. Get it with a nano stylus to sign signatures without using your fingertips. Find it for $34 at Food52.
A pair of texting gloves to not touch anything
Keeping up with the no-touch theme, get these gloves for the person who can't take their eyes off their phone. These gloves let you text while keeping your hands warm from the cold. Find them for $60 at J.Crew.
A vibrator for some social distanced fun
Pre-pandemic, dating was hard enough and now, it's taken a big hit since, well, we're all supposed to stay apart. So, it's no surprise that sales for sex toys have skyrocketed in recent months. And you probably know someone who's looking for some social distanced fun. This vibrator is meant to very flexible — and features different intensity controls and a powerful motor. Find it for $95 at Dame.
Everything they’ll need for pedicures at home
Olive & June
Chances are you know someone who has been busy cutting their own curls, trying out different dyes on their hair or perfecting their nail polishing skills. But painting on a pedicure might the one thing that they haven't mastered. This tool box from cult-favorite Olive & June includes pedicure essentials like a foot serum and a foot rest. Find the set for $60 at Olive & June.
A set of colorful playing cards to play solitaire with
Free People
Sometimes scrolling through Instagram isn't enough — this set of rainbow playing cards just might brighten up their day. Find the set for $15 at Free People.
A personal fireplace to make s’mores indoors
While you might have gathered together for social distanced outdoor outings, the cold might mean you're staying apart instead. That doesn't mean they can't start a fire still. This personal fireplace can be used indoors — and offers clean burns that don't create soot. Find it for $95 at Huckberry.
A mug warmer so that their coffee doesn’t get cold
If they've been missing their morning mug from the coffee shop near the office, this mug warmer just might help them feel a little better. And the base also can act as a wireless phone charger — a win-win in our book. Find it for $75 at Nordstrom.
The ultimate hair styler for those who miss going to salons
Okay, so this is a splurge for someone truly special: The fan favorite Dyson Airwrap is designed to work on different hair types and works with actual air to style hair — no extreme heat necessary. This version includes barrels for curls, a smoothing brush, volumizing brush and more. Find it for $550 at Dyson. Or you could opt for the Dyson Supersonic, which is $399 at Nordstrom.
A hand sanitizer that’s actually hydrating
Remember when you couldn't find hand sanitizer anywhere? It's become such a big part of our daily lives now — but, as you probably know all too well, it can be rather drying. This hand sanitizer isn't, infused with "skincare-inspired ingredients" like hyaluronic acid, prickly pear oil and glycerin. As a bonus, the packaging can be completely recycled. Find it for $8 at Anthropologie.
A set of face masks with their own pouch to put them away in
Tory Burch
This year, masks have become must-haves. And everyone could always use another one. Tory Burch's masks are particular popular, with over 200 reviews. This set includes three masks, all made with a moisture-wicking fabric and each have a pocket for a filter. Store them all in the included pouch so you never forget one on your way out. Find the set for $35 at Tory Burch.
A complicated puzzle for those bored of board games
Those with a sweet tooth can take their time solving this 1000-piece "difficult donut" puzzle. Find it for $18 at Amazon.
An activity book for anyone who has felt anxious this year
Always Fits
Of course, this year has brought with it a lot of anxiety. For the friend who's going through a bit of a tough time, this activity book just might take their mind off things for a little while. They can draw in it and even learn "soothing facts about hand sanitizer" with it around. Find it for $16 at AlwaysFits.
A pretty pearl chain to keep your mask on hand
Face mask chains are the accessory of the moment. Get the fashionista in your life this chic pearl chain, which can also be used for blue-light blockers, eyeglasses and sunglasses. Find it for $75 at Nordstrom.
Wool and cashmere sweatpants for someone who stored away all their jeans
A splurge-worthy gift, these wool and cashmere sweatpants would make anyone would gave up on wearing jeans this year happy. These sweatpants are meant to be cozy with a ribbed cuffs and a drawstring waist — so no more shivering during the cold winter nights. Find them for $95 at SummerSalt.
A candle in honor of all those canceled plans
2020 has, unfortunately, been all about canceled plans. But they can light up with this candle that smells like aloe, agave and chrysanthemum — the candle itself is made from coconut and apricot wax, too. Find it for $32 at Nordstrom.
A set of correspondence cards to write everything by hand in style
The Met Store
There's nothing like a handwritten note. For the traditionalist, this set of correspondence cards can fit on top of their desk. And the cards help support the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Find it for $28 at The Met Store.
A portable speaker for (virtual) happy hours
Listen up: This speaker has wireless bluetooth streaming and 12 hours of playtime. Find it for $80 at Amazon.
A standing desk board to bring a bit of balance to their WFH routine
Sitting all day at a desk isn't the best thing for your back. But this standing desk board can give your friend some respite. It has a slip-resistant surface and stable base for when they want to give their office chair a break.
Find it for $35 at Amazon.