Ron DeSantis’ Weirdest Habit Finally Explained In Biting ‘Daily Show’ Medical PSA

It’s been one of the Florida governor’s strangest struggles as he campaigns for the Republican presidential nomination.

The Daily Show” took a crack at trying to explain why Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) has struggled so much with the basic act of smiling.

DeSantis went viral over the summer with his awkward attempt to smile during a Republican presidential debate. It got even weirder when he smiled with an odd flash of tongue during a TV interview earlier this month, which was followed by yet another pained attempt during last week’s debate.

But the not-really-doctors at Comedy Central think they’ve figured it out in a mock medical PSA.

“He suffers from Frownington’s Disease, which causes his smile to look more like he’s wincing from sitting on his own testicles,” the voiceover notes. ”It’s believed to occur when a patient’s presidential neural pathways are somehow rerouted through their asshole.”

But fortunately, there’s hope, as “The Daily Show” also offers a treatment.

Check it out below:

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