Ronny Chieng Spots Where Putin Is In ‘Real Danger’ Ahead Of Russian Election

The “Daily Show” correspondent declared that “anything can happen” in the presidential race.

The Daily Show” backed up Russian President Vladimir Putin’s prediction of “valued and meaningful” votes in the country’s upcoming election, where Putin is widely expected to be elected to a fifth term.

The vote for the country’s president, which will take place from Friday to Sunday, is “all but guaranteed” to be a win for Putin in a race where most of the opposition is either “dead, jailed, exiled, barred from running or simply token figures,” CNN noted.

Guest co-host Michael Kosta, on Thursday’s edition of the show, turned to correspondent Ronny Chieng to break down a “tight race” with an obvious front-runner: Putin.

“The red areas are where Putin is winning so far,” Chieng said in front of a predominantly red map of Russia.

“He’s doing well with urban voters, farmers, dead people, dead people with college degrees and women inside of larger women inside of larger women.”

Kosta asked Chieng if the “DemocRusski 2024” team could just “call the race” for Putin before the correspondent turned down the request.

“Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves, OK. Take a look at this area right here just outside of Moscow,” said Chieng as the map zoomed into an area showing Putin taking 99% of the vote versus 1% of the vote for “others.”

“You can see he’s in real danger of falling below 99% in this region, so we’re gonna have to watch that as the night progresses,” he added.

“Ronny, I think that 1% just went down to 0%,” said Kosta after the results were updated.

“Oh, oh, wow, it did,” Chieng quipped. “What a comeback for Putin. I told you anything can happen.”

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