'Daily Show' Spots The Hilarious 'Trick' To Tell If Trump Photos Are Real Or Fake

Guest host Ronny Chieng shared his tip after AI-generated pictures of Trump posing with Black people circulated online.

The Daily Show” guest host Ronny Chieng has some handy advice on how to spot Donald Trump-related misinformation this election season.

“It’s pretty easy to tell if a picture of Donald Trump is AI-generated, OK?” the comedian said Tuesday. “Here’s the trick. If Donald Trump is in a picture and looks completely insane, then it’s a real picture.”

If it looks normal, then it’s probably not real, Chieng said.

He offered a few examples.

“How about this one,” he said, showing an AI-generated image. “Trump with Black people having a good time at a party. It’s a pretty normal human activity. Therefore, this is AI.”

“But Kanye in the Oval Office shoving his phone into Trump’s face?” he added. “This is too insane to be real, and that’s how you know it’s real.”

“There’s also other tells. Like, check the skin tone. Does his face look like a normal human? Then it’s probably AI,” he went on. “Does his face look like a dish sponge after chili night? Then it’s real.”

Chieng delivered the bit after drawing attention to deepfake images, appearing to show Trump with Black supporters, that have been circulated online by fans of the former president.

Watch the segment below via “The Daily Show.”

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