Selena Gomez Has Tense Exchange With Security At Beyoncé Concert

Several fans captured an angry-looking Gomez at the show.

Selena Gomez had a heated moment with a security guard while attending Beyoncé’s concert in Paris on Friday.

Fans caught the “Only Murders in the Building” actor shouting at one of the people escorting her into the show in video shared on TikTok.

While the video doesn’t show what prompted the argument, the poster said the star was angry at the guard from keeping her from talking to fans. It was unclear whether the man was part of her team or working for the stadium.

Another clip posted on Twitter appeared to provide some more context, showing the star breezing past fans while smiling and giving high-fives.

That video didn’t show whether she interacted with fans before or after the tense chat, however.

HuffPost has reached out to Gomez’s team for comment.

Gomez’s conflict at the concert echoed aspects of another pop star’s recent ordeal.

Taylor Swift was filmed shouting at security at one of the Philadelphia concerts earlier this month.

In video from the show, the singer yelled at the guard to stop touching a fan between the lyrics to her song “Bad Blood.”

Afterwards, people online praised Swift for watching out for her fans.

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