Seth Meyers Runs Through Kellyanne Conway's Greatest Hits Of 'Alternative Facts'

The "Late Night" host tore into the former Trump White House official after she brazenly complained about dishonesty.

Seth Meyers has reminded Kellyanne Conway of all the times she lied to the American people while supposedly representing them.

The former White House counselor for Donald Trump went on Fox News, of all networks, to complain Wednesday about media dishonesty.

“I want you to ask yourself how many times you’ve been lied to, not just by this government, but how many times you were lied to by the people whose job it is to tell you the truth in the media,” she told Sean Hannity.

Meyers noted that Conway, who famously defended a Trump administration lie as “alternative facts,” was the embodiment of her complaint.

“I’ll count all the times the government lied to me,” he told “Late Night” viewers Thursday, before rattling off some of Conway’s most famous fibs. “There was that time they claimed the inauguration was the ‘biggest ever.’ There was that time they said a bunch of people died at the ‘Bowling Green massacre,’ which is not a thing. There was the time they said the president didn’t know about hush money payments even though he wrote the check himself. Oh, there was that time in March 2020 when a government official told us the coronavirus was being contained.”

Watch below.

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