Seth Meyers Roasts Tucker Carlson's 'Elaborate Fantasy' About Mike Pence

The Fox News host cooked up a doozy of a conspiracy theory following the discovery of classified documents at Pence's home.

Surprising nobody, Tucker Carlson had, according to Seth Meyers, one of the wildest takes on the discovery of classified material at the Indiana home of former Vice President Mike Pence.

“Probably the craziest reaction to the Pence news has come from Fox host Tucker Carlson, who concocted an elaborate fantasy where the DOJ asked Pence to look for the documents, assuming he had none, in order to make Trump look bad by comparison, so that they could then prosecute Trump,” Seth Meyers said Thursday on “Late Night.”

Meyers took the conspiracy theory one step further.

“What else were they planning?” the comedian asked. “It’s possible, in fact it’s likely they were planning on asking Mike Pence to go undercover as Donald Trump. And if that was the plan, how would they do it? Would they have arrested Donald Trump so they could perform an experimental surgery wherein they removed Donald Trump’s face and swap it with Mike Pence just like they did to John Travolta and Nicolas Cage?”

Watch below on “Late Night.”

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