Seth Meyers Reveals 'Weirdest Thing’ About Rudy Giuliani’s Reported Podcast Idea

Donald Trump's personal attorney reportedly is planning an impeachment podcast, but Seth Meyers already knew that.

Seth Meyers on Thursday dug up an old clip in which he predicted Rudy Giuliani would launch a podcast.

“Oh my God, we’re in Rudy’s head you guys,” joked the host of NBC’s “Late Night” after a report that Giuliani was overheard at a restaurant discussing plans for an impeachment podcast. It was “the weirdest thing” about Giuliani’s idea, noted Meyers, who also mocked President Donald Trump’s personal attorney for the scheme.

“First of all, you can’t do a podcast on impeachment hearings when you’re a key figure in those hearings,” said Meyers. “That would be like a murderer hosting an episode of ‘Dateline.’” 

Check out the clip above.