Seth Meyers Goes Balls-In On Tucker Carlson's Weirdest 'Investigation'

The "Late Night" host struggled to keep a straight face during one particular gag about the former Fox News personality.

“Late Night” host Seth Meyers dedicated a large chunk of his “Closer Look” monologue on Wednesday to busting Tucker Carlson’s balls over one of the former Fox News personality’s stranger segments.

Carlson, who unexpectedly left the conservative network this week, covered the alleged collapse of testosterone levels in men in a 2022 “documentary” that promoted the practice of so-called testicle tanning.

Meyers said he had no idea why Carlson was reportedly fired, but noted how Fox had previously had “no problem with his cruelty, racism and paranoid conspiracy theories.”

“It would also be weird if he got fired for being obsessed with incredibly weird shit,” Meyers said, “because that’s also been his thing forever, whether it was sexy candy, or eating bugs, or — this is real — testicle tanning.”

Meyers then peppered Carlson with a series of gags about his “investigation,” featuring a spoof “Seinfeld” bit, some testicle tanning advice and one particular line that he couldn’t say with a straight face.

Watch Meyers’ full takedown here:

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