Seth Meyers Spots Most ‘Unnerving’ Part Of Tucker Carlson's 'Proof-Of-Life' Video

“It’s very chilling," the "Late Night" comedian said of the former Fox News personality's first comments since his departure from the conservative network.

Seth Meyers on Thursday did a deep dive into the first video that Tucker Carlson released online following his sudden exit from Fox News.

The clip was “some sort of proof-of-life” footage filmed “from what I can only assume is a secret lair at the base of a volcano or a fake doctor’s office from a low-budget porno,” joked the “Late Night” host.

Meyers described most of Carlson’s comments as “utterly meaningless.” Carlson didn’t explain his departure, which Fox said was a parting of ways and network insiders have described as a firing.

Carlson ended on an “unnerving” note when he told viewers, “See you soon,” Meyers observed.

“It’s very chilling when a figure as nefarious as Tucker ends a self-taped video from an undisclosed location with the words, ‘See you soon.’ And then just disappears,” Meyers added. “That’s how a jilted husband ends a voicemail in a Lifetime movie.”

Watch the video here:

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