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The Best Sex Toy Jewelry Of 2019

Necklaces, rings, handcuffs and more gorgeous jewelry that does more than just look pretty.

Vibrator necklaces, golden handcuffs and multispeed statement rings are just a few of the innovative sex toy accessories all over social media in 2019, inspiring critical conversations about sexual agency and pleasure. A new wave of Instagram-famous sex toys that double as delicate, discrete jewelry pieces are just as beautiful as they are functional, and they’re helping to make sex toy stigma a thing of the past. This year, sex toys got a much-needed style update, and so did attitudes about pleasure and gender inclusivity.

“Sex toys had not been thought worthy of design for a very long time because of cultural taboo and stigma,” said Ti Chang, designer and co-founder of Crave. Chang first started designing pleasure jewelry back in 2008, and she found inspiration in the power of fashion to express personal identity and values. Unlike the “adult novelty” items that dominated the market at the time, Chang believed pleasure products could be elevated and tasteful. “I felt very strongly that owning one’s pleasure is a statement that needed to be made, and wearing erotic, sexual jewelry conveys a sense of personal ownership, as well as encouraging this topic to be discussed openly,” Chang said.

According to Polly Rodriguez, CEO and co-founder of Unbound, sex toy jewelry makes a powerful, shamelessly sexy statement. The public component of wearing the jewelry has its own sense of arousal, in that it’s a shared secret that makes you feel a bit daring and bold. Those who recognize it are in on the secret, along with those you choose to share it with,” Rodriguez told HuffPost. “That sense of power and control that you give the wearer is, in my opinion, incredibly hot.”

For women and nonbinary people especially, Rodriguez believes sex toy jewelry can offer a powerful form for sexual expression. “Products that give back a bit of power are so much more than just pretty pieces of jewelry. It’s a quiet protest that you can’t and won’t be tamed or silenced, and that you get to decide when and how to display your sexuality. It’s exciting to me that that little bit of rebellion is becoming more popular, especially considering it’s across traditionally marginalized groups of people.”

Everyone deserves sex toys that look as good as they feel, and 2019’s sex toy jewelry trend proved that beauty — and pleasure — is for everyone.

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Vibrator Ring
“The reason Palma took almost two years to design was because it had to stand alone as a ring in addition to being a functional vibrator,” Rodriguez said. “This is powerful literally and symbolically.” This waterproof statement ring lets you choose your own adventure with three speeds and two customizable modes that respond to your own hand movements. It's made with surgical grade stainless steel and available in silver and electroplated 18k gold. Get the Unbound Palma ring for $128.
Nipple and Clit Clamp
This multichain, gold-plated clamp from Unbound is beautiful and versatile enough for all bodies, with a clitoral chain that can be removed for nipple-only wear. Silicone caps ensure maximum comfort (and fun). Get the Unbound Nipple and Clit Clamp for $34.
Special Edition Nipple and Clit Clamp
Artist and activist Exotic Cancer (@exotic.cancer) teamed up with Unbound to create a special edition rose gold nipple and clit clamp. Like the classic version, the pendant and nipple clamps can be worn without the clit attachment. Unbound will donate 6.9% of product revenue to NSWP, the Global Network of Sex Work Projects. Get the Exotic Cancer x Unbound Nipple and Clip Clamp for $49.
Bangle Handcuffs
For $36, these stainless steel, gold-plated bangles from Unbound are sleek and subtle, but still make a statement. A delicate engraving reads, "There is freedom in restraint." Get the Unbound Cleo Bangle Handcuffs for $36.
Vibrator Necklace
There’s a reason this classic vibrator necklace from Crave is still wildly popular. Years after it first made headlines, the Vesper still generates hype and admiration for its sleek, splashproof and super quiet design. Starting at $69, the Vesper is an external vibrator made of stainless steel with rose gold, silver or 24K gold finishes to choose from. Add a customized engraved message to your Vesper to truly make it your own. “That's part of how we help people to feel this ownership and agency over their pleasure,” Chang said. “Once you have your own personalized Vesper, it's like your own personal mantra, and it just takes it up a notch in terms of really owning your pleasure.” Get the Crave Vesper starting at $69.
Leather Cuffs
These stackable leather cuffs from Crave will add some edge to your look, and possibly inspire some lively date night discussions. Unstack and wear them as handcuffs for light restraint play. Get the Crave Cuffs for $62.
Nipple Tassels
Wear these alone as a subtle statement, or as part of a complete sex toy jewelry ensemble. These tassels are adjustable, super-soft and lightweight. Get the Crave Tassels for $35.
Vibrating Diamond
Bijoux Indiscrets
This gold-plated clit vibrator is too pretty to keep hidden in a drawer. With seven patterns of precise stimulation and three vibration intensities, you’ll want to keep this one on hand, or even on display. Get the Bijoux Indiscrets Vibrating Diamond for $60.
Choker and Leash
Bijoux Indiscrets
“These accessories are empowering pieces. You really give an original touch to any outfit and over bare skin you adorn your nakedness,” said Elsa Viegas, designer and co-founder of Bijoux Indiscrets. “It is both sexy and functional -- all our designs hide a double use.” This one’s a choker in the streets and a leash in the sheets. Get the Bijoux Indiscrets Maze Wide Choker and Leash for $45.
Necklace Whip
Bijoux Indiscrets
“We wanted to stay as far as possible from the tradicional pornified sex shop products,” Viegas said. This delicate metallic chain from Bijoux Indiscrets delivers the elegance, doubling as a body tickler and whip for light impact play. Get the Bijoux Indiscrets Magnifique Necklace Whip for $40.
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