Sharon Stone Says LAPD Protected Her During O.J. Simpson Car Chase And Stood Guard

Despite her massive "Basic Instinct" fame, Stone was still living in a small home without a gate when Simpson fled police.

Sharon Stone is recalling yet another wild blip from her life — one involving O.J. Simpson.

The “Basic Instinct” (1992) star revealed Tuesday to InStyle that she was so famous at the height of her career that the Los Angeles Police Department issued her protection during Simpson’s infamous car chase on June 17, 1994 — and sternly told Stone “he’s dangerous.”

While “Instinct” had made her famous, Stone said she only earned $500,000 for the role and was still living in a modest home without a gate. This spurred regular trespassing and required a constant police presence, particularly after Simpson, or “The Juice,” was loose.

The former football player had just been accused of murdering his wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ron Goldman, but failed to turn himself in — and was instead barreling through Los Angeles in a white Ford Bronco in the most famous televised cop car chase in history.

Stone recalled in the interview that an officer knocked on her door to whisk her away after stating: “He’s dangerous. And we don’t know how dangerous, and we don’t know what this is.” Stone said police gave her 10 minutes to pack a bag before they moved her to a hotel.

One cop purportedly stationed himself near reception, while another stood watch at her door “while O.J. was driving up and down the fucking freeway.” When the chase finally ended and Simpson was in custody, Stone was told to buy “a secure house behind a gate.”

Stone said police ordered her to buy “a secure house behind a gate” to protect herself.
Stone said police ordered her to buy “a secure house behind a gate” to protect herself.
Chris Pizzello/Associated Press

Despite “Instinct” grossing more than $350 million worldwide and Stone’s co-star Michael Douglas earning $14 million for his performance, Stone claimed the only available home she could afford was an unrenovated husk — which she bought because it had a gate.

“It’s very expensive to be famous,” she told InStyle, adding that it spawns an entourage of costly publicists, managers and assistants. “You go out to dinner, and there’s 15 people at the table, and who gets the check? You get the $3,000 dinner check every single time.”

Stone experienced a near-fatal stroke in 2001 which essentially derailed her career. The actor ultimately found purpose in humanitarian work, however, wrote an engrossing memoir in 2021 — and continues to share hilarious, poignant and shocking stories with her fans.

“At least now [people] understand that Jennifer Lawrence can’t just skip onto an airplane,” she told InStyle. “Nicole Kidman can’t jump onto Delta. Sharon Stone can’t do it either, whether or not she’s doing a lot of movies.”

CORRECTION: A previous version of this story incorrectly indicated that Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman had a romantic relationship.

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